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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year!  Twenty four years ago after work a cute boy invited me out for a green beer and as they say, the rest is history.  Who knew one green beer would lead to a whole life together, but it did!

I would say I am lucky, but instead I am blessed!

I got up early this morning to set up a coffee and hot cocoa station for the kids.  I love to set up something fun to start the day off with celebration.  I mean, why not?

A trip to Trader Joes for a clover plant, a trip to the market for marshmallows and the kids favorite Pistachio muffins and I was ready to go.  I did add in a banana with all that yummy to round out the meal for all of us.  That sugar rush would have had me skipping all day long!

I literally have been biting my nails waiting to debut these darling new coffee cups from Southern Hospitality Company.  I adore them!  And they are perfect paired with all our green and blue for the day. I love that the mug is a little larger which allows me a little more coffee.  This girl loves her caffeine!  The darling bamboo monogram napkins are from Emily McCarthy Shoppe.

A little addition of green marshmallows and sprinkles makes any hot beverage more fun, don't you think?  I scored the amazing Spode bowls from Home Goods (I snagged three) and the fun coffee canister is from Target.

These mugs are the best!!  I need to order more ... maybe some blue ones for our new guest bedroom. You will love Southern Hospitality, the girls are so sweet! I love every single thing in their shop.

Of course my favorite Keurig was the star of the morning pumping out coffee for me and cocoa for the littles.  I made theirs in to go cups since we are still adjusting to daylight savings.  This year it is killing me softly.  #ugh

One more cup and I am off for the day.  I need to get a long list of things done to be able to truly enjoy the weekend!  Oh, and I have two more bags for today's 40 bags in 40 days commitment.  I am loving the feeling of purging things we truly do not need.

Happy Friday ... may your day be full of blessings!!

1 comment:

  1. I bet your kids love these sweet surprises. Cute idea! Happy St. Pat's Day!
    And happy first date anniversary!



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