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Crafted Cocktail Series ~ Amalfi Lemonade

I am beyond excited today to launch a four week Crafted Cocktail series I have been working on for quite some time.  I have four amazing posts to share with you to celebrate the best day of the week, Friday!  As a girl who loves all things entertaining this series is perfect for me and I have partnered with the most amazing people to bring it to life.

Chin chin to the best day of the week! 

My darling friend Emily and I shared an afternoon cocktail in her studio a few weeks ago.  To know Emily is to truly love her with all of your heart.  She is the most joyful person I know and inspires me to find joy in all things.  Emily loves limoncello so this cocktail was crafted with her love of the incredible Italian lemon liqueur in mind.  Since she has such a strong signature style and I love every single second we spend together I could not wait to make this afternoon a reality.

Emily and her darling team styled her Society Social Madison Mixer barcart for our afternoon soirée. Filled with all sorts of incredible items from her Shoppe, it was a blue and white lovers dream come true. I was thrilled to see her newly released Lowcountry designs which showcase her love for the beautiful low country she resides in. For me a perfectly styled bar cart includes all the things I love along with all of the necessities to make a cocktail when I am entertaining.  As you can see Emily shares the same thoughts.

The Amalfi Lemonade recipe was created with my favorite vodka and some fabulous fresh ingredients.  I always use Cathead Vodka when I want a vodka based cocktail.  This Jackon, Mississippi distillery creates the most delicious vodka with their three flavors.  Since the limoncello has such a sweet and freshing flavor I chose the original variety.

Don't forget to add a monogrammed swizzle stick and a fabulous napkin to your freshly poured cocktail. Your guests will notice your attention to the details. Oh, and don't forget to showcase your personal swizzle sticks in an adorable container.  I love this cocktail candle glass, its the perfect vessel to show off Emily's incredible style.

Emily and I toasted to Spring, to our amazing friendship and to finding joy in all things.  What better way to celebrate a beautiful afternoon than with amazing friends and a yummy crafted cocktail?

Here is the recipe for this delicious cocktail drawn by the one and only Thomas Ard.  Only TomTom can create such a perfect rendition of this crafted cocktail. Don't forget to start with Cathead Original Vodka, your cocktail and your guests will thank you.

Make sure you add that slice of lemon as a garnish and don't forget the rosemary.  The smell and small added flavor makes this drink one of a kind.

Chin chin to an amazing weekend!  Come back next week for another yummy crafted cocktail, this one inspired by the incredible Sea Island!


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