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Can you believe it is that time again?  Why does time speed by so very fast?  I feel like it was just fall and I was struggling to finish our master bedroom, but it is six months later I have agreed to tackle another space. We absolutely love our new master bedroom, and every single night I walk in it greets me with such a relaxing feeling.  Nothing like the breathing in the paper bag I was doing as I was finishing it up. Finishing a one room challenge is sort of like labor, you forget all about the part where you promised never to join in again when you are in week 5.8 and in the six months all you see is the perfectly finished new room.

Well, I am drinking the kool-aid once again and taking on another space!

As I was talking myself into another six week challenge I had to look back at all the rooms I have completed.  We have so many rooms we absolutely love in our home that were ORC spaces and I knew I had one more in me.  (Maybe two, but I will think about that one in another six months).

Now, on to the next space that needs love.

About a month ago two of our children changed rooms.  Our college student decided to move his room into the basement creating an apartment.  When he went to college he decided to live at home, saving a ton of money on a dorm room for school that was literally minutes from home.  He was ready for a space of his own while still living at home so he chose to move into our rather large basement.  He now has a bedroom, den and kitchen area.  Perfect for him and allowed his large room to be used upstairs.

Little Bit snatched it up quickly thinking she would have a fabulous hang out room for her besties.  We have since painted her new room and moved all her things in and it is almost done.  It needs some fluff and some fun additions to make it tween approved. When she moved rooms she lost her bathroom and gained half of a jack and jill bathroom.  To say it has been an adjustment is the understatement of her life.  She is sharing a bathroom with her middle brother and they are adjusting.  She has commented more than once that is a boy space and doesn't feel like her.  I have to completely agree.  It isn't a bad space but it could definitely use some updating and some major love to make it work for both of them.

Just a few shots of the current shower section to show you why she says it is all boy now.  They both have large sink areas as well, hers larger than his. The whole three spaces will be getting some major love.  I am not sure replacing the tile is in my budget but I will absolutely be removing the tile that serves as a baseboard as I am not a fan of it at all.

Since the girl side is navy, green and pink and the boy side is baby blue and chocolate I had to figure out how to make both sides work for the middle.  They are both teens (well almost for her) and neither of them wants anything juvenile (ugh) I had some constraints to work in.  But ... I have worked hard on the design board and I think they will both be very happy in the end.

She is excited about the outcome and I am thrilled to be making something for both of them, paper bag breathing and all.  Since I will be revealing the bathroom I told her we would finish her room and reveal both spaces at the same time.  I am excited to cross both spaces (or is that four) at the same time!!

The to do list ... 

1.  Add in crown molding to all three spaces. 
2.  Decide on tile. 
3.  Paint vanities. 
4.  Replace mirrors. 
5.  Replace faucets.
6.  Replace lights.
7.  Paint all three spaces. 
8.  Wallpaper.
9.  Replace chandelier in shower area. 
10.  New shower curtain. 
11.  New window treatments for shower and MHM side. 
12.  Rugs for all three spaces. 
13.  Artwork.
14. Style.

No biggie ... right??  We shall see!

I have work to do from the beach ... tons to order and decide on while relaxing so I can be greeted by a stack of boxes when I return!!  See you next Thursday with the beginning of the work, I have so many fun details coming!

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Have the best day!!!


  1. Love the design board. Those monogramed towels are certainly a far cry from the towels I had as a teen. '-) Seriously, they are gorgeous! I need to order some for our home. Good luck with this new project.
    PS. ~ I had no idea you have a child in college. ;-)

  2. Can't wait to see it all come together!! Swooning over your choices!😍

  3. Yay! So happy you are doing another challenge Paige! I love the choices you have made and I'm sure it is going to be fabulous. I was crazy enough to embark on this challenge again too. Right now, as I type this, I think I should be doing something for the space. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.




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