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Blue & White Table Bliss ...

Have you seen Aerin Lauder's new table collection for Williams Sonoma?  It has been the talk of the internet but truly I wasn't surprised one bit when I spotted it, it was love at first site.  Classic blue and white paired with amazing woven pieces and incredible blue glass.

Simply put ... perfection!

Inspired by her family's Palm Beach home and trips to the home as a child with her family.  The blues and textures "mimic those of the sea and beach life".  Choosing blue and white was more than just a nod to her time in Florida as a child, she says it is part of her decorating DNA.

"My grandmother loved the combination of blue and white and it’s a palette that I knew from the beginning that I wanted to incorporate into the collection. The speckled glassware are a perfect example of how we incorporated different tones of blue to create a casual, yet luxurious feel. The ceramic plates are inspired by my grandmother Estee’s love of blue and white delft. She always collected this type of ceramic and it became her signature, and mine as well."

Truly, I just can't get enough of the collection.  I have my eye on a few pieces for Mother's Day and I am thrilled to add it to our Blue Willow collection.  My grandmother collected Delft and it instantly makes me think of her.  Most of our Blue Willow came from Lawyer's family so it truly would be a perfect mix of both families.  That darling ice bucket is just divine.  I love that it could be used for flowers as well.  I mean, I could just stare at it all day long!

And this view ... stunning!

Since summer dinners alfresco are just weeks away I have been sourcing fabulous things to fluff our outdoor space.  We need a new rug and our chairs for the table truly need an upgrade. I have been using a makeshift stand for our umbrella which is why it falls down with the first tiny wind. It is time to do some outdoor management. When I was sick last week and stuck in the house I planned no less than three dinner parties for May and early June before it truly just gets too hot to enjoy the deck. Adding in some of the new AERIN collection with our favorite things makes me all kinds of happy.

I found some amazing things for our fluff that I know you will love as well, that pagoda umbrella has me with all kinds of emotions, and this rug ... #yesplease.

Anyone want to come over for dinner?

I hope your Tuesday is fabulous.  I am having a relatively relaxing morning soaking up a finished room and waiting on my photographer.  I am thrilled to have a fun reveal for you on Thursday!

See you then ... 


  1. Love.

  2. I first saw it when we were in the WS in Naples a couple weeks ago. Gorgeous. Praying for you...almost to the finish line and I cannot wait for the reveal!!!



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