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Dresses for Days ...

Dress (me) || Shoes (both of us)

ps ... Gotta love a good photo bomb!

It's the end of the year and tons of middle school and high school happenings and I found myself needing quite a few cute dresses.  For some reason my closet was lacking in cute options so I hit a few of my favorite stores to snag some cute dresses for all of the end of the school year events.

And can we not talk about my babies advancing to the next grade just yet?  

I found so many adorable dresses and immediately decided this will be the summer of the dress for me.  Yes, I will keep to my daily uniform of Lilly shorts and t shirts but all evening excursions (except swim team) will be in a cute dress.  

Why not?  

Some of the darling dresses I snagged are currently on sale so I wanted to make sure you knew they were available.  All of the J.Crew pieces that are on clearance are another 30% off as well, make sure you add that in at checkout!

Happy shopping ... 

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