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Grapefruit Margaritas

When I was in Palm Beach I ordered a delicious grapefruit margarita at the Seafood Bar. Every single thing about experience was amazing.  Sitting at a Lucite bar filled with coral and fish was quite the magical moment but then the addition of fantastic food and a one of a kind drink took it straight to the next level.  We absolutely loved this place.

The restaurant and bar were so fabulous we went back the next night for more and for dinner.  If you have a chance to visit Palm Beach the Seafood Bar needs to be on your must see list.  I can not recommend it enough, truly so fabulous.

I have had that fabulous grapefruit goodness on my mind since returning home.  It was sweet and salty and tart and perfect.  After quizzing the bartender a little I was determined I could recreate this drink for date night and to serve on repeat for my besties.  Last night at Ceviche in Roswell over a pitcher of skinny margaritas one of girlfriends asked why we don't make margaritas at home.  She said why we were drinking rosé on repeat and cheating on our favorite drinks? I told her I would make it happen.

Kiki ... this recipe is for you!!

The original drink did not include fresh squeezed juice so mine did not either.  As a Florida girl I think the best juice available is Indian River Select.  It is 100% premium juice and comes as close to fresh squeezed as one can.  For me it is like picking one off the tree and squeezing it into my glass. Anything from Indian River is top notch.

I played with the quantities a little and finally took a sip of my last try and was overwhelmed at how close it was to the one I had in Palm Beach.  It is almost identical and just as pretty!  #sogood

 Have the best Friday evening ... we are grilling and dodging rain storms!


  1. Wow! Can not wait to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This sounds delightful. Indian River grapefruit juice is my hubby's favorite. He just misses the small bottles they used to carry.



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