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Palm Beach Dreaming ...

I am absolutely thrilled to be planning a girls trip to Palm Beach in two weeks.  Palm Beach is one of my favorite places in the world and I can not wait to introduce this charming destination to my dear friend Krystine. Since our trip is just two weeks away I have already starting packing all of my favorite things and dreaming of all the amazing things we will see and do.

I am so excited!!

One of my favorite things about Palm Beach is all of the incredible homes, landscaping and endless charm.  The streets are truly so beautiful with one home prettier than the last one.  We are planning to rent bikes to truly take in the island properly.  I can't wait to embark on a morning with two pink bikes and our phones to take in every single thing we see.

I can't wait to be enjoying one of my most favorite places and definitely one of the most beautiful.  The sea of bougainvillea, fountains, mangroves, gorgeous lawns and colorful homes.  I truly can't wait ...

Slim Aarons

Makes the middle of the week easier to digest, don't you think?

All images via my Palm Beach board


  1. Gorgeous images. Sounds like you have a lovely getaway planned.

  2. Hi,
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    Thanking you



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