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Random Thoughts ... #06162017

image via Slim Aarons

I am so excited it is Friday I can barely hold in my excitement.  Two reasons ... one yesterday was a rough day and the weekend always gives me the time to refresh and reboot.  I am ready for both of those things.  Second, this time next week I will be waking up in Palm Beach with my amazing friend Krystine and I am so pumped for this trip!  We have talked about this for two years and it is finally happening!!

So many things on my radar right now it was time to make a random thoughts post!!  Here we go ... 

Just two more days to use the Happy Everything coupon code at the end of this post.  I love my pieces from Coton Colors, we use them all the time and I love swapping out my attachments.  Here is our Bloody Mary Bar from a few months ago!

Did you know that Taylor Swift is back on Spotify and the assistant and I have been listening and singing on repeat!

This was the most popular swimsuit on the Saturday Scores post on heading to the pool.  I can see why it was so popular, I mean style galore!

If you didn't see this post take a moment and read it.  This mask is so good and I can't wait to use it again tomorrow night.

Father's Day is this weekend and we have a full Sunday planned with all of our Daddy's favorites. I can't tell you our plans (I mean he reads everyday!) but I can tell you I got something fabulous to give him!  Oh, and if you need a last minute card these are amazing!

There is a huge sale happening at my favorite shop.  25% off regular price plus 40% off sale using hte code YAYSALE. I snagged these shoes yesterday along with coveting these shorts and deciding I need this shirt.  Ps ... all of these are 40% off!

These cocktail napkins are so fun and you all loved this one when I posted on Instagram last night. Make sure you tell my friend Kate I sent you!

Today is National Flip Flop Day and to celebrate I will be sporting my favorite flops.  As you see in my stories I wear these at least once a day.

Oh, and next Friday is National Pink day ... that will require a whole post on its own!

I have gotten so many questions about this darling necklace I wore last Saturday with this darling and super comfy jumpsuit.  It is from my cute friend Emily at Shello Dahling.  She has the most adorable things and takes custom orders!  You will love her!  The jumpsuit I was wearing is sold out but this one is a must have!

This will be the best dressed preppy baby ever ... anyone else so excited about this baby?

My cute friend Teggy just announced she is having a baby boy and I am absolutely thrilled for her. This sweet boy will be well dressed and truly gorgeous.  xo

Have you entered this contest yet?  It ends in the morning and we have partnered with all of our favorites to make it happen.  Good luck!!

This article makes me all sorts of happy!  I love everything about Jane Austen!

Ps, If you are traveling this summer here is a little how to guide on how to be an amazing house guest!

I am still thinking of this Pineapple Mint Margarita from last Sunday at the Tybee Social Club.  I am working on some fun margarita recipes coming soon to the blog.  This drink got my wheels spinning on all kinds of fun happiness!

My assistant is dying over these shoes and I don't blame her one bit.  I think we both need them!

I strongly approve of this straw accessory situation happening! Some of my favorites right now ...

I mean look at the monkey! I die ... 

Have the best day ... the weekend is right around the corner!!  

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  1. Aww, thanks so much for including me in this fabulous post!!! I am so excited to follow your trip to PB! One day we must meet there!




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