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Color Trend ... Lavender + Navy

For a girl who does not care for purple I do have a small spot in my heart for lavender.  Something about the pale shade makes me feel feminine and girly.  Pair it with navy and I am all in to swipe right.  This color trend is showing up everywhere right now and I could not be happier.  As you will see these two colors might be a perfect match. 

Lavender + Navy forever.  

The June issue of Good Housekeeping included a page full of these two beautifully matched friends. After seeing this image I had to do more digging and I found some incredible images to get you in the mood for some fabulous pairings when the weather isn't so warm.   


Cheap making bags

Lavender, Grey and Navy                                                                                                                                                      More

Amy Butler. Indian-inspired and eco-chic too! (Did I mention its washable?)


Ariel Floral Vine Navy from @fabricdotcom  Designed by Studio 8 for Quilting Treasures, this cotton print fabric features a beautiful watercolor-like floral design. Perfect for quilting, apparel and home decor accents. Colors include navy, lilac, lavender, navy and shades of pink and green.


Wildflowers Small Floral Light Navy from @fabricdotcom  Designed by Teresa Ascone for Clothworks, this cotton print fabric is packed with beautiful wildflowers fresh from the garden. Perfect for quilting, apparel and home decor accents. Colors include white, mustard, red, green, chartreuse, lavender and shades of blue.

minimalist elegance x jewel tones

summer interview attire / stripped tank + nude tone pants



Isn't it all so perfect?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I too have never been a huge fan of purple, but agree that lavender is so soothing. I love all the pictures you shared. Especially with the touch of gray added. Might need to add some lavender to my wardrobe.

  2. Check out Mallory Fitzsimmons (Style Your Senses) nursery for her new baby. It is blue and purple. Bold but so beautiful!

  3. On a complete whim, I just redid a half-bath in lavender (walls)- accenting with navy, green, and leopard. I am loving it! Your post validated my recent decorating choices! Thank you!



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