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Random Thoughts ... #07052017

Happy Wednesday!!  This will be the shortest week ever which officially makes it my favorite week of the year.  I love a short week when the weekend is already peeking around the corner.  Does it get any better than that?

We started the weekend with these amazing Grapefruit Margaritas which I can highly recommend. The recipe here doesn't come on too strong with the tequila so if you like more you need to make adjustments.  It was truly so yummy and we winded down the evening with good music and good company on the porch!

Saturday I volunteered to help my best friend Lance move his extensive design library to their new home in Commerce.  I picked up a few new titles to watch out for along with this book which might be my new favorite.  I ordered it on the way home from Amazon!  I also have this one and this one on my must buy list!  It is hard to be a good helper when you just want to curl up in a chair and read every single thing in front of you!

I wore my favorite Tretorns while we were loading and they got quite a little dirty.  They are in the queue for the washer but I ordered this amazing pink pair just in case they don't come clean.  I have loved Tretorns since college and they remain the most comfortable shoes I own. I will have to admit I almost ordered this red pair as well!

Also on Saturday my feature on Kelli Boyd went live on The Southern C blog.  I adore Kelli so much and her talent can be seen all over The Southern C, Emily McCarthy's site and in a lot of my features recently.  Kelli is so humble but her talent is incredible and she is one of two people that can make me feel comfortable being in front of the calendar!  Adore you sweet girl, thank you for saying yes to me!!

Sunday we headed to the Cobb County state qualifying swim meet for our youngest to compete.  If you have a swimmer you know that the summer season is the most exciting for them as they practice every single day with a meet a week for the chance to advance to the state level.  For the last six years this has been our summer.  It begins the second week of May and ends the third week of July.  It makes family vacations really tough but she loves it so very much that we wait for our vacation until September.  As the day started she was truly not in the best frame of mind thinking she wouldn't do well and just struggling over all with where she was with her sport.  Losing four months at the beginning of the year was really tough for her.  As the morning went on and she was doing quite well I saw something click in her.  She really had a shot at a state space and she was instantly energized. After putting on a suit two sizes two small (those swimmers) and double capping to cut more time she competed in the finals in the slowest lane.  Her time was actually slower than the original but her form was perfection and she knocked out two other swimmers to move up from 7th to 5th place with the top three advancing to state.  Two swimmers in the top three spots scratched leaving her with a space in the top three.  She was truly beside herself and her excitement gave me many happy tears. One of her teammates gave up their spot leaving her the opportunity to move up and I truly will never be able to express the gratitude she felt.  My girl now competes for a state time on July 22nd and we will be there with bull horns to cheer her on!!!

Monday we all slept in having a yummy brunch and deciding to lay pretty low for the day.  It rained almost all day and the girls snuck away to get mani pedis while the boys tackled their laundry and prepped for dinner with our best friends.  Since those Parker Kennedy boys are moving north we are soaking up all the impromptu dinner parties we can.  I love these paper plates so much, they literally saved me hours of dish washing this weekend.  Plus ... how cute are they??

Tuesday morning started early with a quick work out session for our girl and then a yummy breakfast out as a family.  We had planned to head up to the lake but the weather was only sunny until 2:30 so we had to make other plans.  We watched the neighborhood parade with all of the cuties on their decorated bikes and wagons and then headed to the pool for a bit to hang with friends.  Our neighborhood has a huge family community and you can always find friends to spend time with just by heading up the street. The kids love it and it is the best social hour you can find.

I made my own Watermelon Mint soda to mix into lemonade for the kids and to spike for the adults. It was so yummy and the perfect refreshment for the heat! You can find the recipe here and the darling cups here!

I had to beg for this quick shot of the kids (the boy swam off) as they swam and worked on their dives and flips with their friends for most of the afternoon.  We came home pink (oops) and worn out but with new favorite memories!

We finished up our weekend with many rounds of Uno.  Add in some candy and my favorite coffee and it was the perfect quiet way to end the a long weekend.  I taught all my kids to play cards and yet now I have to fight to win even a few hands.  They are ruthless when it comes to winning.  Thank goodness for many cups of Tall Dark & Handsome to help keep my mind in the game!

I hope your weekend was amazing!!  Ours was truly perfect ... and just the way I would have wanted it, tons of family and friends with so many giggles!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. A great weekend.

  2. Congrats to your mini! What an accomplishment. And, now you have us hooked on Maud's!!!

  3. Where is Parker Kennedy moving?



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