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Croquet Love!

My love for the game of croquet started as a very young child.  My grandparents gifted my mother and I a set when I was about 3 and I distinctly remember being taught how to play immediately.  I will find that photo of me in cute plaid pants and blue clogs with a mallet I am sure was as big as I was learning to play.  My mother was wearing amazing flare pants in an incredible pattern with her beloved Dr. Scholl's sandals.

Sweet memories. 

We currently own a vintage croquet set but I will confess I have never taught my kids to play.  This will be rectified immediately.  Along with cards, dominoes and scrabble this is a game that we will all love. Family time and some good ole fashioned competition is good for the soul.

I am working on our first croquet time together for this coming weekend, stay tuned.  I am sure it will be a classic post for Insta stories, these Minears are funny!!!  Oh, and did I mention competitive?

Croquet is not a new game, it was first played around 1856 with the first all-comers game recorded in England in 1868.  A game classified as one of "ground billiards" it is played with a mallet and a ball, the purpose being to hit the ball through wickets on a grass playing field.  Easy to play and a perfect game for all ages, it has become an iconic preppy game over the years with a bevy of fabulous photos to be found.

Have I inspired you to invest in a set? I got my set from Etsy and I marked the search page for you in case you need a set too! I know I have sparked true excitement in me to teach my children and the Hubs a game I loved so much as a child.  Also, I am thinking a date night with a few other couples wearing blue and white and the perfect late summer evening sounds amazing, don't you think?

Hmm, just maybe ...

Happy Monday to you all!!


  1. I live in Fremont, Ohio, a small town in the northwestern part of the state, and the home of the 19th President, Rutherford B. Hayes. His family estate is called Speigel Grove. President Hayes was the originator of the White House Easter Egg Roll and the first to have a telephone installed in the WH. In addition, the tradition of a Library/Museum built after a president's term was begun with him. The library and museum are also located at the Grove. Anyway, long story longer, there are groups of croqueters who play on the grounds of the Grove every summer. They wear all white and are so charming to see. Several people from our church participate.

  2. I played croquet when I was very young on my grandmother's lawn in Charleston - I don't remember it much after that. I cannot hear about croquet without thinking about the Hayley Mills movie "Summer magic" - Burl Ives is in it too :) If you don't know it you must find it and watch at least the croquet scene! pPiceless!

  3. Yes, croquet was a favorite of my childhood for me too. I would love a vintage set, would love to play again, but we have no large grassy area. Thinking I need to search a park. There's more than one way to get what one wants. '-

  4. Brings back memories. We too played when I was a child on Long Island. I think my mother actually still has our set. Need to find out ASAP!

  5. Oh, to find enough flat land without granite immediately beneath the grass in Atlanta. I love croquet!

  6. While attending a college graduation party I discovered my mom is a croquet rock star. She showed all of us up. Who knew?

  7. I have great memories of playing croquet at my grandparents when I was little. My SIL and her family have revived the tradition and it is now a staple at our family get togethers. I am thankful that my boys get the chance to experience this fun game!

  8. Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love came up with this terrific do-it-yourself Alice in Wonderland croquet set for our Outdoor Games Style Challenge.



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