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Dinner Party Table Perfection

Happy Friday!!  I say it every week, its my favorite day.  This week has been so crazy that I may have stood on something tall and jumped right into Friday's arms half way through yesterday.  I was so ready for the weekend I could hardly stand it.

Hello Friday, I am so thankful you are here!

Today I have a fun post for you and one I think you will love.  One of my dearest friends sets the most amazing tables.  I love when she shares a table she set, but what I love about it is how I can spot her tables from just a glimpse of the photo.  Emily McCarthy has such a strong signature style and it is evident in every single thing she does. She is such an inspiration for me as I also choose to live a joy filled life. This girl chooses joy and chooses it every single day!

I am sharing some images from one of Emily's table and let me tell you ... it's a good one.  She actually set the table for a Christmas shoot, but I love it so much and the colors are so yummy that I think with a few minor adjustments it would be ready for any happy occasion.  Sticking with her signature style she changes up what would be considered traditional holiday colors and she creates a pink, green and orange display of fabulous.

Sit back and enjoy ...

You can find all the details and sources for the things used for the table in this blog post by Style Me Pretty.  I love this table so much and have so many reasons why.  I love that the pink and green made the table so happy during a time that should be so very joyful.  It was a fun pop of color complete with coastal additions that are perfect for her Savannah home. Plus, who doesn't love a bright, happy table.

As I have watched Emily set table after table I have noticed a few things that we could all do for our own tables. She always uses her monogram on the table.  Whether it be on the plates, cups, napkins or bar ware she always includes her monogram as the lady of the house.  I can't get enough.  She dresses her chairs not forgetting this little detail.  Sometimes it is with a pop as a head chair and sometimes, like this table, she ties things on to each seat.  Nothing short of brilliant. She also changes up how she uses her napkins.  Sometimes they are on the plate, sometimes next to the plate and in this case they are under the top plate.  Swap it up and keep it fresh!

Emily always layers plates and for the most part they are the same color.  I tend to mix my plate patterns but I love how fresh these white plates are.  Simple yet perfect.

Last, but certainly not least she continues her theme and colors into her own outfit. Choose the theme and make it yours.  It was a Christmas shoot and she is perfectly dressed in a fabulous shirt and to die for hostess skirt.  So Emily and truly so incredible.  She has such a strong personal style and an established signature style and she doesn't veer off the path.

And why should she?

Emily has shared five tips for a successful dinner party in the Style Me Pretty post.  The post is a must read for sure.  She has inspired me for a dinner party theme coming next month.  Since our dining room is pink I am mixing green, blue and orange.  And maybe I will keep my plates white, who knows.  It is all coming together, I can't wait!

Happy Friday lovies ... make it JOYFUL!

All images by Sarah Buck Photography

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