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Weekend Precis ...

Since my youngest child started school today (UGH) I knew I wanted to make this weekend last as long as possible. After thinking about it for a few weeks I knew I wanted to spend the weekend making new memories and having adventures, and that we did. And we lived it out until the very last second, coming home last night from the lake to arrive at 9:30.  Not ideal for anyone's schedule but also so very worth it.

It's those moments we don't forget ...

Friday was a full but fabulous day for me.  After a field trip (more on that soon) I came home to my sweet husband and a quiet evening without kids.  We picked figs from our trees and had a super quick dinner with a glass of my absolute favorite Rosé.  After searching for Summer In A Bottle for years I found my favorite wine shop orders it and keeps it in stock.  Not only is the bottle stunning but the Rosé is perfection.

Saturday the kids and I headed to Helen, Georgia for a full day of adventure and history.  The Parker Kennedy boys planned our day and it was so very fun.  We toured the Hardman Farm Historic Site which was not only stunning but so fascinating.  As you may know they purchased the Hardman house in Commerce, Georgia and have done a ton of research on the family and the homes owned by Governor Hardman.  They were thrilled to be able to tour this property and so were we.  Most of the home has been kept as it was then and the advancements included in the home were truly fascinating.

After the tour we headed to Shoot the Hooch and proceeded to spend the next few hours tubing the Chatahoochee River.  It was a blast, but I am sure if they have a bloopers reel I am in every single one of the feeds.  As my husband put it to me ... "you found a way to trip in water, only you could manage that one".  He is completely correct.

We ended our day making the trip home in the dark listening to music and the kids singing loudly until they both feel sound asleep.  I can not imagine a better ride home!

Sunday started slowly with extra coffee, a yummy breakfast and tunes on the porch before we headed to a friend's lake house. They no longer live in Georgia so we love to borrow it on occasion.  It is perfect for a day trip since Lake Allatoona is just a 30+ minute drive from Marietta.  Truly heavenly.

We spent the day swimming, boating and skiing in between rain showers.  There is truly no place I am happier than with my family.  As I floated (and fell asleep) on a huge swan float in the late afternoon I kept thinking how happy I was just to be with the people who make me laugh the hardest and love me the deepest.  Is there any place better??

We stayed way past when we should have and once again came home in the dark.  I even stopped quickly for a ice cream cone on the way.  As I reminded myself when the alarm started me at 6:00 am that it was officially time to be an adult I was thankful for the last few hours of Sunday we spent laughing so hard and just soaking it all up.

Two of the kids are back in school and the third starts his third year of college in two weeks.  Time flies, it seems to get faster every single year.  I snapped this pic of two backpacks dropped for pics with the parent paparazzi this morning.  I love that they are stuffed full of life and love and are ready to tackle the first week like pros.

Summer isn't over yet, as I read on Pinterest this week ... August is the Sunday of summer!

Happy Monday to you all!  


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend before all the craziness begins. And, I love that you still celebrate summer even though the kiddos are back to school. It really is too early in my opinion. And, cannot believe your oldest is starting his third year! Seems like yesterday you were just posting about his graduating from high school.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I cannot believe your youngest goes back to school already! Wow! Happy School year!

  3. Making memories is the best part! Your littles grow up and are away from home all too quickly. Glad you know how to make life fun! ;-)

  4. August is the Sunday of Summer-I love that! I was born in August and this year I am going to embrace that thought!



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