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Fiesta Fifteen Bar Cart

When my precious friend Taylor Miller asked if I would style a bar cart for her 15 year celebration party I immediately responded YES PLEASE!  I mean, style my favorite thing for a fabulous event ... Fiesta Fifteen ... how could I possibly say no?!!

When I sent over my styled cart I made sure to include things that were perfect for the occasion and the Hazen & Co. team.  They are based in Dallas so the perfect cocktail for them was most definitely a pitcher of margaritas!  Add in a large vase of flowers, some blue and white pieces and design books (both of which are Taylor's favorites) and lots of Hazen & Co. elements and they had a perfectly styled cart.

The cart they chose to use is a vintage Lucite cart with a wonderful story and lots of history.  It was a good size cart so it allowed me to add in a bowl full of citrus (colorful), sodas (for anyone wishing to skip the margarita) and some amazing glasses.  The details for me are the most fun part and we didn't skimp on a single one of them.

So, let's discuss the reason for the celebration and the request for a styled bar cart. This week Hazen & Co. celebrates fifteen years of business which alone is an amazing reason for celebration.  The tiny detail that sets this celebration apart from others is the fact that Taylor started this thriving business as a nine year old.


Take a moment or so and let that sink in because I can promise you the only business I was in as a nine year old was riding my bike full time and styling my Barbies for their next outing.  Taylor started her journey by making jewelry and selling the pieces at her brother's baseball games and the adventure began.  Fast forward 15 years and this bar cart and the Fiesta Fifteen celebration that went with it are even more exciting.  I truly could not be more proud of my darling and talented friend.

If I only I had been able to pop over and hug her neck and enjoy one of these amazing margaritas.  Don't they look absolutely delicious?

I adore you sweet girl.  I am so proud of you!  Enjoy every second of this week for all the hours, the years and the hard work which has paid off in spades!

Happy Friday!!!!

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