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Introducing Elizabeth Wilson Designs

Immediately when I think of Elizabeth Wilson Designs my mind conjures up images of perfectly designed and well made clothes that compliment any woman or girl who wears them.  I can recall the moment Elizabeth's designs caught my eye and I immediately googled and researched to find out more about the darling clothes I spotted on a fellow blogger.  The ruffles were an immediate love for me and I recall vowing now to turn in that night until I had discovered the designer and source for the darling shirt I had spotted. 

Only a few have passed and my obsession with Elizabeth's pieces has only grown.  I am only one of many who happily stalk this young and precious designer as she takes orders for, creates and ships out each piece of her work on her own.  Each launch she has sells out immediately and there is always a wait list for the next line which may be unseen at the time the list begins.  That's ok, we all are sure the pieces will be just as darling and worth every single second of the wait. 

If you aren't familiar with Elizabeth Wilson you are in for a huge treat today as I have an interview with this young and talented designer along with a number of images from her new fall line.  Her shirts and dresses are truly so well made and can be spotted instantly on a fellow connoisseur.  If you own a EWD piece you can spot it at 50 paces ... they truly are incredibly special. 

I adore Elizabeth for so much more than her work.  She is driven and smart and knows exactly what she wants and goes after it.  She has an eye and a knack for this chosen career and I am confident she will continue to grow and soar.  She is kind and graceful and truly lovely, even showing these amazing attributes during the loss of her beloved brother Jacob. I could not adore her more. 

You too will fall in love with her pieces and the designer herself and today I am honored to bring you more about the darling Elizabeth Wilson ... 

First of all, tell me about Elizabeth.
Where did you grow up and how did your childhood influence your life and who you are today?

I was born and raised in Kentucky! Beginning in the 3rd grade I attended a Classical University Model School. Reading classic literature, learning Latin from an early age and attending school only two days a week played a major role in shaping who I am today. With two instructional school days and three days at home with assignments, it was the best of both worlds. Having time at home allowed me to be creative and use my imagination.

As a little girl what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a child I thought I would pursue a career in medicine. My sister and I created a doctors office in our basement complete with all things necessary to run an efficient medical facility. With a pretend X-ray machine, an IV , and medical record keeping station, my dolls and stuffed animals received the best possible care. Next, we truly believed we were "Nancy Drew” detectives and I kept my "sleuth kit” with me always. Then, we moved on to live vicariously as Jo and Meg from Little Women. However, throughout each and every stage, my love of art, fashion and design grew. I always found ways to use my love of design - either decorating the interior rooms of our "Little Women house" or designing outfits for playing Nancy Drew and the characters from Little Women.
With each stage I had the opportunity to do what I love most- to be creative.

Tell me all about your business, how did this amazing clothing company come to be?

I always have had such a strong desire to create and design. Ever since I can remember, I have been sketching clothing designs in my little notebooks. I was gifted my very first sewing machine for my 13th birthday and took a sewing class at a local fabric store to learn the basics. Then I taught myself the rest of the things I would need to know by using YouTube. It was such an incredible feeling to see my designs go from sketches to real garments! I wore my seersucker and ruffles with pride and started to style my designs on my Instagram. My followers requested that I start selling my creations, so in 2015 I opened my Etsy Shop, "Seersucker Ruffles". With the launch of my first collection, I was so surprised to see people’s interest in my designs!

Anything you wish you had done along the way and didn't do?

They are many things that I wish I could go back and do differently, but I believe that everything that has happened so far in my journey, God has planned out for a reason. I have made many mistakes along the way but from each one a valuable lesson was learned.

Can you share a high point in your journey and what was that like for you?

A high point would definitely have to be my first collection launch, the Fall 2015 line. I had released a few pieces here and there for the first few months, but never an entire collection of several pieces all at once. When the orders started coming in, my phone began buzzing with notifications and eventually went black! I then went to check my computer and had received over 200 orders in 6 minutes. I was absolutely blown away! The thought of people liking my designs came as such a surprise, but having people actually purchase them absolutely boggled my mind! I expected maybe 20 orders, so you imagine the panic attack I had realizing that I was about to sew over 300 pieces of clothing by myself!

Now, every time I reopen my shop or launch a new collection the same thrill and surprise happens all over again!

How does it feel to see photos of girls wearing and loving your clothes?

Oh my goodness, it is the coolest thing ever!  Last spring I saw a lady in person wearing one of my pieces. It was a surreal feeling. I said, "Wait, I made that!” Seeing how my lovely customers style my pieces in their family Christmas pictures or reading bloggers promote my line absolutely means the world to me!

Where does your love for the ruffle come from?

I have always had such a deep love for anything ruffled. Watching classic movies from the 40’s, 50's and 60's and getting to absorb all of that gorgeous vintage fashion inspiration as a child most definitely inspired my love for ruffles and fashion in general. I even have sketches that I drew back from when I was 6 and 7 that are full of ruffles and frills!

Do you have a favorite piece in your line?

I don't necessarily have a favorite, but my most worn piece of the fall line would have to be the Judy Lanien Dress in Cream Plaid! I throw on my cowgirl boots, duck boots or some fun flats and a puffer vest and there's one of my go-to outfits for this fall!

What is it like for you trying to juggle school and a growing business?

It can be exceedingly difficult to balance everything at times, but I truly believe that having gone to a school where you had to learn time management skills to succeed academically definitely helps. I can get caught up in the details of work very easily, so when that happens I have to sit back and prioritize things. I am unfortunately not a planner in the slightest, but I do try to have set times for work, school and time for myself and family.

What is your favorite way to unwind?

I LOVE to cook and bake. I learned from the best (my mom) and could never amount to her skill, but I absolutely love to cook. I have cooked dinner for the family since I was about 13! It definitely helps rid me of my stress. I am currently working on some favorite family Christmas recipes as well as some of my own to share on my blog this Christmas season!

Favorite color?

Pink of course!
(But pink Gingham? Even better.)

Five must haves.

1. Something gingham (duh!)
2. Leopard loafers
3. A perfect pair of vintage tortoise shell sunnies
4. Baubles, of course! Huge statement earrings are currently my go-to form of accessories
5 A cute notebook to keep with me at all times when the designs and ideas pop into my head!

Favorite quote.

My big brother gave me so much confidence in myself and in my company. He was full of wisdom and I cherish all of the life lessons he taught me while he was here, but the lines that continue to stick with me are, “You gotta work hard using the talents God gave you, and use your ambition as fuel motivating you to pull through the tough moments.” Whenever I felt overwhelmed I would call him up and he’d always talk me through each situation using those words. I miss him so much.

I gave you fair warning ... she is precious!  I truly love wearing every piece of Elizabeth Wilson Designs that I own from this darling and talented designer and I can not wait to see her continue to grow and her career to soar even higher.

Thank you precious Elizabeth for sharing your journey with me and for being so willing to let me share your story.   As a child I had three wishes ... to become a mother, be Nancy Drew and design clothes and your story makes my heart sing!

Have the best Monday!

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