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White Jeans Every Day

As the weather starts to change and the mornings are crisp and clear with leaves falling to the ground most would think that the white jeans have been put away along side the Lilly Pulitzer shorts.  One would be very wrong in my case.  I am a girl who thinks white jeans don't have a season and, in fact, when traveling in fall and winter for work have to ask friends what their view is on white jeans year round. If they don't make the cut they immediately go  back in rotation the minute I return home.  

Bag || Scarf (similar)

White jeans can most definitely worn year round and, in my opinion, should be. I am completely one-hundred-percent on board with sporting these fabulous basics year round and even think you need to have a few different options at all time.  Add a comfy sweater, a fun blazer, even a cute cropped jacket and boots.  Put on a scarf for another layer, you will love the look and your friends will be so excited that they too can wear their white jeans. Heck ... they might even hug you. 

I know I am not the only one who truly believes white jeans are a year round staple in the closet. I pinned so many amazing fashion bloggers wearing their white jeans all year long to this board for inspiration for you. I truly love my white jeans so much that I am more likely to grab a pair of white jeans before I will head toward any other pair of pants in my closet.  My white jeans and I ... we are in an exclusive, committed relationship that is sure to last the test of time! 😉

Top || Jeans || Earrings || Mules || Bracelets

As the blog schedule gets a little crazy once again for the month of November I find it is so much easier for me to go ahead and plan out my outfits ahead of time.  Cuts down on my last minute running around and helps me plan out what I can in advance, two things that are always a stress reliever for me.  #win

As I shared I am traveling to Dallas on Wednesday and I previously planned on wearing this dress but then I checked the weather (should have done that first) and it is going to be rather chilly.  New plan needed immediately.  At the moment I have something comfy for the plane with a large scarf (it's on sale!) that I can trade out to this top when I arrive and these shoes to step it up a bit.

Ps ... how cute is this outfit I have picked out for the first cold day?

Immediately after returning from Dallas I am appearing at an event at Swoozies in Buckhead to chat about Friendsgiving and some tips on hosting the event along with how to use punch and your favorite punch bowl on your bar cart for the holidays.  It is supposed to be rainy and a little chilly so I am once again wearing a pair of white jeans.  As I am talking about making things easy on yourself when entertaining I truly believe dressing the part to create a relaxed feel. I have both these heels and these mules set out just in case the travel has me thinking a flat is a better idea.

I am currently stalking this top which would have been perfect for the plane, but it hasn't arrived in my local store as of yet.  I will dog ear it for the first weekend in December when I head to Charleston for the Garden & Gun Jubilee!  I have planned it to wear with this fabulous plaid scarf (snagged it on sale), white jeans and leopard booties.  Perfect, comfy and so cute, right?

After Dallas and Swoozies I have a busy weekend planned for November 16 - 18.  Cocktail party on Thursday night plus a painting day at Steve McKenzie's on Saturday where I will be wearing the outfit picked out above.  Classic + Prep + White Jeans ... Perfection!

I am not sure what your views on white jeans, but I hope if you aren't a white year round lover like me I hope you are inspired to rethink. 😍

Happy Tuesday!

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