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Crazy Love Market & Coffeehouse

A few weeks ago for my birthday two of my besties invited me out to breakfast to a new-to-me spot in Roswell.  I was super excited for a number of reasons but mainly to try a new place and, of course, to start the day with two cute friends.  I am always up for adding a new place to my personal favorites list and your birthday just seems like the perfect day to try a fun new restaurant.  Downtown Roswell is about 20 minutes from our house and is home to some of my favorite restaurants.  It is a darling and super fun area to visit, eat and shop.

When we arrived at Crazy Love Market & Coffeehouse I was instantly impressed with every single thing about this fun little joint.  Known for their Belgian waffles and coffee we were treated to a welcoming atmosphere and darling little set up. It is not a large place but there are plenty of tables and fun chairs to sit and share coffee, breakfast and lunch with friends.  I even spotted a few people that had treated themselves to coffee and a waffle and were just sitting and reading. That to me is the sign of a good spot ... there appeared to me quite a few regulars.

We ordered a variety of waffles along with coffee, hot chocolate, a bowl of muesli for me and two breakfast sandwiches for them.  Every single thing we ate and drink was delicious. I must say the combination of a yummy bowl of muesli paired with a bite of a few different waffles may be my favorite combination and I am thinking it may be the only thing I can order from now on. This would be a perfect plan if everything on the menu did not sound delicious. I am positive every single visit will include a pink drizzle waffle.

Paired with the delicious coffee truly addictive waffles what I love most about Crazy Love is the precious Christian atmosphere. Every single person sitting alone was either reading their bible or doing a devotion and it occurred to me that this amazing place is the perfect place for some amazing quiet time.  During the week when I need some inspiration (read - a need to get out of the house) and some yummy coffee I can take my devotional and treat myself to some quiet time, a good cup of coffee and a yummy pink drizzle waffle.  Can you think of anything better.

Owners Perry and Sandra Pettett opened Crazy Love Coffeehouse in May of 2017. The mission at Crazy Love is to provide a great cup of coffee and a comfortable gathering place, while sharing the love of Christ. The Pettetts, who come from a building and design background, felt God leading them in a new direction. After 18 months of praying, planning, constructing and designing, Crazy Love Coffeehouse was born. The couple searched diligently to find the perfect cup of coffee to pair with their house-made Belgian waffles.

I found the statement above in the about section on their website and I can say with complete assurance  the owners not only met but most definitely exceeded their goal, Crazy Love is a precious place for inspiration, coffee and a great Belgian waffle and all topped off with the love of Christ. ❤

I am just sad it existed for so many months before I had the pleasure of trying it out.  I will most definitely be a regular.

Happy Monday!

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