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An Organized Desk For 2018

Letter Box || Pencil Cup || Bamboo Pens || Post Its (two sizes) || Leopard Tray || 

Anyone else feel like a new year requires a new organized office?  I have been working on this office for almost a year now and I am no where near done with all the changes but I have made some really good ones that I feel so good about including working with The Monogram Merchant to get the space organized and ready for a new year of amazing brand business.  

Cynthia has an amazing selection of products in so many categories but the office and tech section may be my favorite.  I love office supplies and anything that keeps me organized makes me one happy lady.  My office which has been ground zero for the blog for so many years has become out of control in the last year or so.  From not having any storage space to not having monogram notes for thank yous (such a sad state it was) to not even having post its.  It was honestly embarrassing and more than time I changed quite a few things about the space. 

The first thing I did was swap out my desk which immediately made the space feel bigger to me even though the new desk is larger.  I also changed the lamps on the new larger dresser which sits behind my desk.  The light behind me helps when I am working in the space at night and need more light.  The dresser has made the piles almost disappear with all the new extra storage.  I also added two bulletin boards on the back wall for all the things I love to keep that were taking up space on the desk, in my calendar and overflowing in the bowl on the dresser.  It was out of control but they were all special things that I really wanted to keep.  I will paint the boards and add trim but for now they are working perfectly and my desk became instantly clear of clutter. 

Once the desk was clear of piles and stuff that shouldn't be there it was time to add in all the things that should and the girls at The Monogram Merchant were so amazing at helping me chose what I did need. 

I am thrilled with the way it looks and more importantly how it functions.  It is like it is a whole space which with the exception of the four walls it almost is.  It has a long way to go in the bigger picture pretty category but the desk and the organization is managed in a huge way.  I honestly look forward to sitting down to a clean and organized space!

You can shop all of my amazing choices from The Monogram Merchant here under Paige's Picks.  They were so helpful to put them all together for me, and you, so it would make shopping for you so much easier.  My planner is from Sweet Caroline Designs and not only is it beautiful but it is so useful in keeping my family organized.  I have this pretty one for the family and my personal comings and goings and another for blog planning. The precious pillow is from Willa Heart who is quite possibly one of my favorite people ever!

If you would like to shop each piece separately ... the links are below!

Letter Box || Pencil Cup || Bamboo Pens || Post Its (two sizes) || Leopard Tray || 

I am so excited to create even more fabulous pieces for you in the next 11 months.  My office is clean, organized and ready to do its job.  Even my post its are helping me keep my mind on the goal ... to be inspirational and to feel amazing doing it.

Happy Wednesday!

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