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Bourbon Bar + My New Favorite Drink

As you know both the Hubs and I love bourbon.  He has been a bourbon connoisseur longer than I have but I have definitely come around in the last few years.  Last year I set up the wetbar in our den with bourbon and made it a space where he could walk up and make a drink for himself, and me, when he felt led.  I love to see him pull out his monogram decanter and pour his favorite bourbon into one of the rocks glasses.  The only thing missing would be some Mad Men music playing in the background ... don't you agree?

At the Garden and Gun Jubilee in early December I discovered Blade & Bow Bourbon.  I was immediately impressed with their bourbon trailer all set up and ready for any type of soiree.  It was lacquered in the perfect shade of blue, matched with plaid and detailed in the best gold hardware.  I would have happily purchased it and put it in the backyard for every night of the week.

They were pouring three drinks and my favorite was the "New" Fashioned.  A long time fan of the original version this new drink was simply delicious and the perfect mix of orange, bourbon and elderflower.  After having two (it was a long day!) I was convinced it was the best thing at the Jubilee (along with the oysters and the s'mores!). I was so excited to discover Blade & Bow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey at my favorite wine shop in town and I knew Lawyer would enjoy my new discovery just as much as I had.

I substituted a blood orange for the classic orange in the recipe (above) because I had it on hand.  I prefer it with the classic flavor, but I would definitely recommend the blood orange in a pinch.  It was yummy!  Lawyer was a quick fan of Blade & Bow as well and we have since purchased a second bottle.  I love the flavor both mixed as a cocktail and on the rocks.  I highly recommend you give it a try, it is definitely a must stock for us.

Happy Friday ... hope your weekend is fabulous!

Photos by the darling Kristen Hechler

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