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Celebrate Every Single Day

You may or may not have noticed that I started posting scripture every single morning on Instastories.  I started because I needed it and now it has become a routine.  I didn't stop needing it (and never will) but now I find myself looking for daily scripture that speaks to me as I am starting my day.  It has been a rough couple of months for our family and I have found myself leaning on my faith more than ever before.  The details don't matter but I will share that we are on a long road and one that some days has sucked the wind out of my sails and literally the energy from my body.  I found myself a few days in needing to feel joy in the hard and immediately opening the note section of my phone and jotting down a few things I was grateful for. The first day it was simply "sleep, hope, love" and each day it became easier to find.  I was determined to live each day with some sort of celebration and I still feel that way.  No matter what comes my way I will absolutely find the joy in it. ❤

About four weeks later I received an email from one of my favorite brands offering to send me a copy of their new Celebrate Every Day Book.  I had to read the email twice.  I said yes immediately and the Coton Colors Celebrate Book was on its way to me. I read the introduction they sent me but I didn't truly understand how precious the book would be for me until it arrived and I realized exactly how I would use it.  It instantly became my hard copy of my note section on my phone.  All those days and weeks that I had been using my phone to jot things down I was now able to write it down in a book set aside for just such a purpose and one I could add to year after year.  When I opened the book an amazing collection of confetti fell out ... and I knew I would treasure this book for years to come.

Coton Colors is one of my favorite brands and their Happy Everything collection is truly one of my favorite things to use. Their incredible bases are so useful and the attachments make them perfect for every occasion.  The new Celebrate Book became my new favorite thing they carry.  It has instantly become something I need to do each morning while sitting at my desk.  It sits on the corner and reminds me to celebrate each day, even the hard ones, to the fullest. 

There are three books, one for your child (Celebrate Me), one to use as a couple (Celebrate Us) and one to use personally (Celebrate Every Day).  I love founder Laura Johnson's plan for the book ... in the crazy times we live in we all need to find joy and celebrate the love all around us.

I love writing in my Celebrate Every Day book each day.  I have found I sit down, take a few minutes to mull over my day and feelings and then jot down the things that make me laugh. I am in the process of filling in the days I used to be making lists on my cell phone so I will have it forever.  I have noticed one thing ... the days that I struggle the most I am thankful for the smallest of things but when I look back they turn out to be the biggest things that happened that day. So interesting how much perspective you can have when you step back. 

Thank you so much Coton Colors for the incredible book and your beautiful gift.  It has truly meant so much to me and came at the perfect time.  I think these books are perfect for gifts ... Mother's Day, best friends, new mother, newlyweds, celebrations and even grief.  We all need joy and we all need to recognize it all around us.

Especially on the hard days! ❤

Happy Tuesday!

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