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Thomasville Antiques Show

As we all know I love antiques, the older the better honestly.  I have so many things I love and have collected over the years and a stroll through an antique store or an antique show always makes me so very happy.  Since my early years antiquing with my grandparents I have had a love for the hunt, the score and the fun when you come home and get to put your new pieces away in their new homes.

Oh, I collect so many things.  Staffordshire pups, old paintings, silver, blue and white, china, tole boxes, old books ... did I mention pups.  Truly the antique bug has bit me and I don't see it going away any time soon. I was thrilled to attend the Thomasville Antique Show last weekend to shop all the amazing vendors and to experience a new city and new adventure.  It did not disappoint and my treasures are all home in their new spots.  I walked away with two beautiful scarves, one Burberry and one Gucci and on the way home found a beautiful brass tray, a small blue and white ginger jar and a piece of my monogram Bavarian china with the exact monogram.  Every single piece I purchased with be well loved and will remind me of an exceptional weekend and incredible adventure. 

I wish each of you could have attended the show.  The vendors were amazing and I walked away from soooo many things that were really fantastic.  The eye candy was out of control as you can see below.  I also really enjoyed seeing a few vendors that I shop at Scott Antique Market and Kenny Ball whom I met in Nashville last year.  If you don't follow Kenny Ball Antiques do so now.  Such a lovely man with beautiful things!

I hope you enjoy the sneaks we got ... such beautiful things in every single booth.

Isn't it one of the best?  I loved the mix of English antiques and art and so many pups and plates.  I truly could have loaded up the car with many things from every single booth.  If you have never attended I suggest you think about it for next year.  The town and the show are worth the drive, I can promise you! 

Have the best Wednesday!

Photos by Kristen Hechler

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