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Music City

How can Spring Break be over?  How it can it be that there is only a small number of weeks left in this school year?  I am truly a little shocked that the week flew by as fast as it did considering it was packed with so much.  We began the vacation with Easter and finished it with two solid days of celebrating, first the Hubs and then the middle child.  I am sad to say another vacation week is gone and we are counting down to the end of school.  Can we please, pretty please, slow down just a bit?

As I said before we all spent the week in different places but met up at home on Friday to begin the weekend. Our girl spent four days in St. Simons with one of her best friends and our sweet middle child and I headed to Nashville for the same amount of time.  We have both been to Nashville before but we have never been as tourists and this time together was so much fun.  I will admit I was sad when the week started and each of us started in our own directions, I am a mama who likes all of us together.  After deciding to view it as an adventure I felt much better and I was ready to have some one on one time with my boy.

We truly had a blast.  I let him choose all he wanted to do, where to go, what to eat and even a play list for the road trip. He did an amazing job and was so happy to have so much say in our vacation.  It was cute to see him each morning telling me all he wanted to do.  I asked for recommendations from readers and followers about things to do and then made a long list and let him make the final decisions.  I truly love all we did and everything we saw.  I don't think I would change one single thing. Our middle child is so artistic.  He loves music, history, art of all kinds, to sing, to dance and is quite the foodie.  He was up for trying almost anything which made it so very fun.

It was a full packed four days and each night I fell into bed having walked so much and filled my belly with the yummiest food.  We definitely ate our way through the city, having brunch, a snack and then dinner each night.  It was all incredible and we loved one place so much we went twice.

We each had favorite things we did and saw and I love that most of the things on our list are different.  We also shared some amazing firsts together which is always a fun thing.  I love to travel and my middle child definitely has the same bug.  It was so fun to hear him say he was excited to leave and see new things and then that he was ready to go home when we left.  I definitely feel the same way, always ready for an outing and always ready to be home again.  There is no better place then home when your heart and mind are full after travel.

On Monday we left a little after noon.  I had some appointments to finish up on Monday morning and the beach gang wasn't leaving until mid day so we waited as well. We arrived in Nashville at just about four and headed straight for Hattie B's Hot Chicken.  This was a recommendation we received from so many and I knew it would be something he would love.  It was amazing, as I was sure it would be, and we lucked out to find it with a very short wait as I have been told it can be quite long. After a yummy late lunch we checked into our room at The Fairlane and checked out the area.  I loved our room and everything about the new hotel and have more to share on the space soon. After a little down time we left in an Uber (his first) for a late dinner at The Merchant.  This former hotel turned restaurant is located in downtown and has two different options for dining, the first floor (our choice) and the dressier second floor. The third floor is reserved for private dinners and can be rented out for a lovely special event. Our meal was truly delicious.  We started with the deviled eggs and the popcorn.  I ordered the soup and sammie and he chose the flat iron steak.  The people watching was amazing and we sat at our table after the meal just to take it all in.

Tuesday morning we started out pretty early and headed out for a full day.  He had picked so many fun things to see and do.  We started at Biscuit Love (another follower recommendation) and love every single bit.  He had his first cappuccino and is now completely obsessed with the idea of morning coffee.  I love that I have a child that will share a cup with me each morning. I had a hard time deciding what to order and ordered two things to try.  He ordered the Blacklock Hash and I tried both the Hummingbird Family Reserve and the Vegetarian Grits.  The grits are so very good and I ate almost every single bite.  He absolutely loved the hash and we decided at that meal we would be back the next day to eat again.  After exploring The Gulch we headed to antique some and then took in the Country Music Hall of Fame (make sure you tour Studio B), Grimey's vinyl shop and finished the day early with dinner at The Grilled Cheeserie.  Two of his favorites of the trip were Biscuit Love and the Country Music Hall of Fame.  I absolutely loved the Studio B tour and hearing stories of Elvis recording.  It was pure magic to me.

Wednesday was another early day and we were out by 9 knowing the line at Biscuit Love would be crazy if we waited too long.  This time I ordered the Banana Fosters Oatmeal and a biscuit and once again he got the hash.  He says it was the best breakfast he had all week. Another cappuccino for him, this time he chose to add vanilla syrup and loved it even more. After breakfast we once again hit the antique scene, it was freezing and we had plans to tour Cheekwood after lunch.  The temperature had warmed up some and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon to tour the amazing mansion and vast estate.  I don't think I have ever seen more varieties of tulips, each one just stunning.  After a long tour and a crazy drive back we met friends for dinner in Brentwood and spent the rest of the evening relaxing when we got back to The Fairlane. I loved spending each evening chatting about our day.  For me touring Cheekwood was a major favorite, it is incredible. 

Thursday started just a little later and we enjoyed coffee in our room.  It was so fun to have someone else wake up excited for coffee. We had brunch at Proper Bagel and enjoyed every single bite we ordered.  We started with a gluten free chocolate donut and he ordered the New Yorker (on argula since he is gluten free) and I had both a spinach everything bagel (with cream cheese and black and blue jam) and greek yogurt.  I can tell you I have dreamed of the lavender honey ever since eating the last bite of yogurt. It was so very good.  We shopped at Amelia's Flower Truck after (something on my wish list) and I brought my flowers home to the Hubs for his birthday.  After a huge meal, I may never eat again, we headed to 12 South to take in a few sights.  During the Studio B tour our guide recommended we check out the Ryman Auditorium and I am so glad we did, it was incredible.  I can't tell you how it takes your breath away to sit in the same seats so many people did listening to incredible music and taking their first steps as famous artists.  I was truly speechless and could only just whisper wow over and over.  The Ryman was a last minute add in and a true favorite for both of us.  I can tell you sitting in the pews was truly incredible!

I took so many photos and had our boy narrow them down to his favorites, which still left me with quite a few.  Since I was a IMovie newbie I asked Little Bit for help and she created this incredible video which will give you a glimpse into our trip.  It was truly so much fun. 

I hope your Monday is truly magical!

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