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12 Happies Du Jour

As you are reading this I am heading home from Sarasota and may or may not be in beach withdrawals.  We had such a wonderful time and I will miss the mornings with coffee on the patio and our long days playing in the waves and collecting shells.  I am sad our vacation was not longer, but since our middle child starts school tomorrow we needed to cut it to just five days.  As it is we will be coming in hot with one sleep before he starts the new school year.
We watched Mamma Mia yesterday when the rains came in and it poured for a few hours.  I really wanted the kids to see the original one before we head to the new one in a few weeks.  I am heading out of town to Cashiers on Friday so we will have to wait until the next one. We are all super excited!!!

Speaking of Cashiers, I am heading to see the Cashiers Historical Society Showhouse and I can't wait to see the amazing house and take in all the events planned for next weekend.  One of the events is an all white brunch with croquet and I truly can not wait.  I was invited for the closing weekend and will be taking in all the sights and sounds and taking lots of pictures to share with you.  I have never been to to the Showhouse and I am really excited to see it all and play more than one game of croquet. 

I came across these Cable Animal Bites while scrolling through Instagram. They protect the end of your phone charger cord that plugs into your phone, that part gets the most wear and tear so this cute new accessory protects your cord. They have so many options and are currently 50% off ... #yesplease

I have been received two months of Darling's Fine Things Subscription Box and it is fabulous!!  It comes in a white box with blue shredded paper and has so many fun items inside.  For June it was filled with such great things including Sea Salt Soap which I think smells like heaven!  You should check it out and everything else on the website.  

When we got home from the beach each day I used my One-Step Makeup Remover Wipes to take off the sunscreen from my face before I could shower. Since we went in the morning and again in the afternoon I would use the wipes and then reapply sunscreen to a clean face. I felt so clean when truthfully I was hot and sandy. They smell amazing and work perfectly!

These coverups are amazing. I snagged them during my trip to Winter Park, but did get the chance to wear them.  Along with my swim shirts I wore these on repeat.  I have the pink and the turquoise but I also really liked the pale blue, navy, and black. 

This little guy is really helpful when I want a deep clean after that rare day I have a full face of makeup on instead of my new go to the Flawless in Five.  Once a week it is good to scrub good and then add a mask and treat yourself to a little spa night at home. 

If you are like me you think these rainbow styled bookcases are so pretty.  Here is an article on how to create them for yourself.

I have seen these earrings in every boutique I've been two this past year ... so cute for an everyday look and even cuter for New Year's!

This dress is a perfect throw on and go.  Since my life feels crazy I have been living in dresses, throwing one on in the morning has been so easy and perfect since the days have been quite hot.  Speaking of hot, my hair has been up almost all summer and I am thinking it will be that way for a while. Hair accessories are making a huge come back this season and below I have linked super cute ones that allow me to hop on the trend.

I recently placed an order from Glossier and with my amazing products came a sample of a perfume that both my assistant and I swooned over.  I was new to Glossier and every single thing I ordered smells like orange blossoms which is a favorite scent of mine.  Pinky swear, it's so good y'all ...

I have this set of Hermes Knotting Cards and I really love them.  I wear scarves quite frequently, tied around my neck, around my wrist, and around my head.  Recently I added one around the handle of one of my bags and now I am addicted. The scarves show you the image on the front and then gives you instructions on the back.  If you are a scarf collector like me I highly recommend you get a set of cards. 

Hope your week is going well, I will be up early in the morning chugging the coffee and taking my boy to school.  They start so early each year but we treat it as day camp until Labor Day so that it feels like we have a full month of summer left. 

Happy Tuesday!

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