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Amazon Prime Day (#yesplease)

Yes, I am aware that I am posting two big shopping posts back to back, but these are once in a while sales that need some focus.  Since I shop at Nordstrom and Amazon a lot I have a lot of things I get from both.  Amazon is like a personal assistant for me, I click on it and someone brings it to the house, sometimes in just one day.  It is crazy good and the perfect solution to a busy lifestyle. I am telling you, just like someone who runs your errands and does all the research first.  Win, win, don't you agree?

I have pulled my favorites from the sale, some things we have and use and some things I think you should add to your cart.  I told you ... I use Amazon a lot. 

Electronics ...
We have this Amazon Fire Stick for the television and we love it.  I would rather watch a quality show on Hulu or Netflix with the kids than be subject to what is currently on, which may or may not be appropriate. 

We have this Echo Dot and our family loves it! I've heard amazing things about this Echo Look as well ... it takes pictures of two different outfits you're wearing and decides which works better. How fun!

This coffee maker is everything and more ... and you know I love my coffee!

Clothing ...
Can we discuss these pants and this pair of wide leg jeans?  Yes and yes!

Accessories ... (there are a ton of these!)
This tote, these flats, this darling bag, oh, and this bag, ok, these earrings, the sunnies (can you say white vintage heaven?), these heels, super cute sandals and these hair tie.

Everything else ...
this mug + this leather cleaner + this luggage + one of my favorite candles + the best picture frame, oh and this fabulous coaster.

And to finish ... some of my favorite coffee table books!

I told you ... some great things at a great price, but hurry because the sale ends tomorrow (Tuesday) at midnight!

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