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Introducing Beautycounter

Happy Monday!  We had a perfect weekend full of both rest + relaxation and even though it ended up completely different than the way I planned it I would not change one single thing.  As usual, things happening the way they are supposed to is way better than the way I plan it.  😉

I am excited to share some fun news.  As you know I have taken this year to completely rethink my skin care as I began to see things I didn't love going on with my skin.  I don't mind having smile lines and normal aging but I really think I was seeing things I didn't need to see.  I started the year trying out every single product I could get my hands on that others recommended and I settled on a routine that works for me.  I can not tell you how many people have commented on my skin.  And since this is a time full of stress and anxiety I love hearing that my routine is working and I am not showing the stage of our lives on my face.  Does that even make sense?  Basically ... I love that I look rested and hydrated and better than I feel some days. 💗

I had completely changed my skin care for a safe and smart option ... but I had completely skipped over my makeup routine.  Since I am not a girl who wears a lot of makeup on a daily basis I wasn't really thinking that I was taking care of my skin and then adding products that might be doing a opposite thing to my face during the day.  It was like eating super clean and then drinking water that was not clean and completely missing that it was a bad plan. 

Enter Beautycounter and my commitment to safe + healthy products.

As you know I do not share things I don't really believe in and use or buy on repeat.  I don't feel like it is in line with who I am to share something that I won't use.  I have made two large purchases from Beautycounter and now have signed up as a representative.  I truly stand behind the products I am using and feel they are a perfect fit for me and for the blog.  I am really excited to share my favorites with you and to educate you on why I have chosen the products I have.  This will be a fun experience for both of us and hopefully I can help introduce you to safe products that are a good fit for you as well. 

To be very upfront, I have not stopped using all of the items I have been using.  In fact I feel like I have found the perfect combination of products I had with new products.  They have become best friends on my counter and in my drawers.  As long as they are safe for my skin and my health I am fine mixing them.  I also have a few things that I will use up and then replace when they are gone.  I don't see the need to trash something I spent good money on just because I have a better option now.  I will use it up and then replace it with the new ones.  

What I love most about my Beautycounter products are that I have found a quick routine that  is easy to do and leaves me with a simple makeup routine that is perfect for me and doesn't take a million products and time I don't have.  I prefer simple and this one allows me just that.  A combination of five products and I am ready for the day looking and feeling good, Flawless in Five is my new best friend.  Six amazing and safe products that come together with a five minute commitment from me to a great look.  I can not tell you how easy this new routine is, I truly love it.  I purchased one of my favorite products, New Skin, which is a combination of tinted moisturizer + sun screen and it is incredible.  I highly recommend this product to anyone!

Ok ... to the nitty gritty, let me share with you what I bought and why and why I love them. 

First of all, I have a teenage girl who has skin that needed some attention.  We have been using a combination of products to keep her skin clear but the major issue I have with them (other than not being safe) is that she can't go out in the sun wearing them.  Umm ... she is a year round competitive swimmer and this is a major issue.  They were also leaving her face very dry which then required moisturizer and the issues just kept going around in a circle that wasn't working for me and most definitely not her.  I bought this bar + this mask + this oil and I feel really good about the decision.  Her skin already looks so much better and her ability to be in the sun is such an added bonus.  Add in safe sunscreen that doesn't undo all her hard work and I would call this a major WIN. The charcoal products can be purchased apart or as a set here

For me I purchased the Flawless in Five collection I mentioned above, New Skin along with some other products and two oils which I am really obsessed with and think you will love.  Cleaning your face is the best way to prep for the day and for bed and I am using this cleanser.  It is lightweight and leaves my skin fresh and clean and ready for the next step.  For the morning I add the No. 1 oil and at night the No. 2 oil.  If I am running low on time I mix a drop of oil in my moisturizer and then add in my makeup.  It still gives me all the benefits of both products, but doesn't slow me down while waiting for the oil to do its thing.  If I have more time I most definitely enjoy every second of the oil. They both smell amazing (as in ah-mazing!) and the morning oil refreshes + brightens my skin while the evening oil plumps it and ensures that I have fresh skin with less fine lines in the morning.  Yes, I agree the oils are a little more than I would normally spend, but they last a long time and you need such a small amount for each use which makes them a great value. 

I hear so many amazing things about the overnight resurfacing peel and that is on my list once I use up what I have of another product.  I tried it when I tested out a number of products and I LOVED it so much.  It will be a product I buy immediately once I need a new one.  It smells great and there are so many great reviews on these products.  For me that is well worth my time and investment. 

Along with skin care and makeup I also really love a few things for my hair and my body.  I have mentioned many times that I have dry hair and I only wash it twice a week.  If I wash it more it tends to dry out more and leave me with something that feels like hay.  #nothanks  I am currently finishing up my stash of shampoo + conditioner and then will order this shampoo + conditioner when I am done.  I have this bath bar which I am loving and I love smelling my husband now that he is using it as well as the body wash. Knowing he is using safe products, and most definitely while he is undergoing chemotherapy, is a major focus for our family. I just spotted this collection which would be a great way to start with hair and body, and is a great value.

I know this is a lot of information and a ton of links, but as I mentioned above, this is something I really believe in and think is worthy of sharing with you.  I believe in it so much I am using it and selling it to you, which you need to know is something I have never signed up to do.  Taking this year to really look at what we eat, use and wear has been so eye opening as I was not aware of the harmful effects of some of the products I was buying. And, to top it off, I may have been buying products that were actually not helping my girl at all work on her skin.  She has been at the lake since Friday and when I received photos the first thing I noticed was that her skin looked so much better.  I can't tell you how happy this makes me and I am sure her as well. It is an easy three step process and it works for her.  I will feel so much better when she finally is ready for makeup that I have an option for her that is safe + healthy for her.

I will be talking a lot about my relationship with Beautycounter and I welcome your questions and emails on the subject.  Please let me know if I can help you and navigate any of this with you.  It is a lot of information, but it is all really worth your time and read.

I hope you have the best Monday ... I am rested and caffeinated and ready to make this day work for me! 💗

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