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A Special Gift From James Avery

I have shared many times how much I love James Avery and their incredible jewelry.  I have enjoyed my charm bracelet for over 20 years, and I gifted one to my girl earlier this year and she loves her as much as I love mine.  It is so fun to add charms to our bracelets like these we added after our amazing Haiti trip this summer.  I look forward to many more additions as the special events unfold in our lives. 

Image by Kristen Hechler

As my darling assistant was preparing for her first year of college I really wanted to gift her something that would be perfect for her and would remind her that, even though she was heading out on her adventure, she was still so grounded at home.  I adore this girl.  Since I met her as just a preschooler I have watched this girl grow into a precious and Godly young woman who was very ready for her first year of school. 

When the new James Avery catalog arrived I asked her to choose something she would love to own.  As she turned the pages she landed on a set of Script Initial Rings that were perfect for her.  Her first name is a double name, Anna Grace, and she absolutely loves her name, as she should.  In my house she is known as AG ... so it was perfect when she chose a set of rings with her initials on them.  We headed up to my favorite location to size her fingers and to pick up her rings.

She was so excited about her choice, and truly, they are perfect for her.  I love how simple they are and yet what a statement they make on her hand.  Anna Grace has such style and she loves to mix things together that always end up being so darling on her.  I love her choice and can't wait to see them in many photos she shares while she is away at school this first year.  I know they are special to her and they are equally special to me. 

The ladies at the shop were so helpful as always.  Since she was getting a pair of rings we played around with a number of sizes to see what combination fit her hand the best. She has the tiniest fingers and she chose one ring slightly bigger than the other which was the most comfortable for her hand.  They were so patient and we tried a number of combinations until she found the one that was perfect for her.

Aren't they darling?  I absolutely love what she chose!

Thank you James Avery for partnering with me on this darling gift for her.  I am not sure who is more excited for this purchase, her or me.  This precious girl means the world to us and most definitely to me and I am thrilled to see her heading off on her first adventure in life.  She is destined for great things and I am so happy I get a front row seat to watch.

Enjoy your gift sweet girl, they are amazing on you!

Happy Friday ... I hope your weekend is a fabulous one.

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