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12 Happies du Jour

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was exactly what I needed, the perfect mix of relaxation + adventure.  We started the weekend with a Braves game (plus a concert after) and finished it with a sunset on the porch + steak and this pasta recipe on Monday evening.  In the middle we went to the movies (Crazy Rich Asians was sooo good), I finished a book and started another, cleaned the porch, washed some clothes, relaxed a ton, and soaked up some fabulous hours holding the hand of the one I love most.  I call that a perfect weekend!  ❤

I loved this article on forgotten southern food.  So many of the recipes reminded me of family functions or fabulous things I love to eat.  I will confess to never having tried the peanut butter - mayonnaise sandwich but you can most definitely be sure I will be trying the grown up peanuts in coke + bourbon recipe!  Oh, and a little tidbit ... I thought my mother was the only one who served Pear Salad.  I never loved it because I am not a fan of mayonnaise, and the glob kind of made me steer clear of it, but the concept was fabulous.  And Cracker Salad (pictured above) ... pass it this way please, oh so yummy!

Fall is "comin' in hot" (~Anna Grace) so I have started my hunt for new and classic pieces. This pink sweater is just so me. This coat is completely classic and it gives me Audrey Hepburn feels (a.k.a. the best kind of feels). Oh, and these saddle brown leather gloves have me thinking of Serena in Gossip Girl walking around the Upper East Side and I'm not mad about it!

One of my favorite bloggers is sporting one of my favorite bags, and its a perfect match! I just love seeing Madeline's bags popping up all over, the new monogram options are so good!

Look at these tortoise booties and these Hunter rain boots! I mean come on people I am loving every single accessory this season that has these prints! It may be the only thing that is making me just a little excited its fall.

Are you familiar with the Palm Beach Lately girls?  I adore them and love following along with their lives in Palm Beach.  Recently as part of their summer bucket list they traveled 30 minutes north to Jupiter to climb the lighthouse and take in the area.  I loved reading their blog post as Jupiter is very special to the Minear family.  Lawyer is from Jupiter and his family history is rich in the area.  A few years ago he took me and the kids when we were visiting at Christmas and I loved hearing him speak of his childhood.  One day I promise I will convince him to guest post.  The Tindall House on the lighthouse property used to belong to his grandmother and she donated it to the Loxahatchee River Historical Society in 2007.  The earliest house still in existence in Jupiter used to sit to the left of her house and the kids played in it when they were little.  I loved the house so much and the name I almost named our youngest Tindall.   As you walk the brick path to the lighthouse you can see all of the Minear family's bricks purchased to help fund the lighthouse during its renovation.  I love that they laid them as a family tree and I love what this town and the lighthouse means to the Minear family.

I tried these OLLY sleep gummies and after taking them the other night, I have never had a better night's rest.  I don't usually take anything to help me sleep but with all the crazy going on in my life I am trying to make sure I get enough rest to be ready for anything that comes my way.

I read my first book in over a year last week and loved the feeling of getting back into reading.  As a child I always had my nose in a book, reading everything from Nancy Drew to Judy Blume and every single thing in between.  I think spending a lot of hours after school in the library sparked my love for reading and I have most definitely put it on the back burner the last couple of years.  I decided it was time to back away from the Netflix binging and start reading again and I am so happy with my decision.  This book by Mary Kay Andrews was soooo good.  I love her books and a mystery was right up my alley!

I found my favorite shoes in some fun colors, and have already ordered one new pair.  I love the style of these shoes, plus the new colors will be fun for fall and then great for spring!  I got the orange and I am thinking about another color, maybe metallic gold?

When I hosted friends a few weeks ago for brunch I realized I don't own any place cards.  I ran out last minute and bought some, but I didn't love them.  It was fine for the event, but I really wanted some to keep on hand for dinners, to label cheese trays, and to be ready for events like the brunch when I wasn't prepared at all. I called my go to for anything monogrammed and immediately ordered two sets of these place cards.  Aren't they amazing?  I am ready now with a navy + white set and a pink + gold set.  I love that they are different, yet both classic.  I think they are perfect!! 

I will be wearing this top this Wednesday!  Isn't it darling, oh and perfect for Hump Day?  I snagged it quickly as soon as the girls let me know their stock had arrived.  It is an exclusive Brooke Wright Designs top for one of my favorite shops and you can grab it here.  You might need to hurry ... it is going really fast! 🐫

I have been looking for a new watch, mine hasn't been doing its job lately and after replacing the battery twice I am thinking its not the battery, but actually the watch itself.  My best friend has a Daniel Wellington watch and I find myself staring at it all the time.  I love that he can swap out his watch bands, even though I think he only has one, and how preppy it looks on his wrist.  I have been looking at this one recently and trying to decide if its for me.  I kind of like it, thoughts??

Today is the last day to take advantage of the Beautycounter gift with purchase.  If you need some ideas on what to get or want to know my favorites, I made a highlight reel for you on my Instagram page.  I talk a lot about what I love, what I use and a few things I recommend.  I am passionate about clean and healthy products, thinking about what we put in our bodies and on them is so important for me, especially now with all my family is going through.  I truly believe in Beautycounter and give it a solid five stars!

Have the best day ... here's to a short week!

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