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Fall Break to Helen

So I sort of took a week off.  I didn't mean to, but it happened.  When we left for Helen, Georgia on Sunday I packed my computer with my posts queued up but found our cabin had no reliable service to be used and then when we came home on Wednesday I was so enjoying the uninterrupted time with the kids I just took a breath and set the computer in the office for the week.  It was a good week, lots of puzzles, lots of walks, lots of reading, a little needed down time, and most of all a time to focus on the family.  We all needed it more than I knew and I am sitting on the porch this morning feeling more centered and ready for our next three months of chemo. 

Let's do this!!!

First of all we had the best time in Helen.  We have been before for a day to tube and see a few of the sights but we have never stayed overnight, much less three.  We really enjoyed every second.  We hiked to see Anna Ruby Falls, we made s'mores by the fire, we had coffee in town, we ate all the peanuts from Fred's Famous Peanuts (boiled, cajun boiled, roasted + fried), we played mini golf, we mined for gems, we put together two puzzles, we played all the games at the cabin, and we tried all the bread at the German Bakery. I think I ate more in two days than I did all last month, but it was so very worth it.  Our original plan was to travel to North Carolina to a lake house but the weather nixed that plan and we instead traded it for a few days away in Helen which is just a little over an hour from our house.  I am on a mission to really take in all the charming little towns in Georgia.  Our state has so many amazing little spots to check out for a day or two.

It was just my girl and me and our family friends.  Lawyer doesn't travel much as his focus has been on work and rest.  My oldest didn't have a week off and our middle son was with his church group on a trip and came home beyond exhausted.  I love the long weekends they take getting to know God more.  It is honestly, priceless.

It was grey and cloudy the entire time we were gone which was such a blessing as the girls were dying to wear a sweater for the first time this season. They were so excited to take them for a date in town and we walked the charming streets on a scavenger hunt.  Oktoberfest had just begun and the streets were decked out in this little German town with all kinds of people.  Sunday was the busiest day and then we basically had the streets to ourselves.  The people in their Alpine hats hunting the perfect pretzel + beer were so fun to watch.

Oh, and I scored a hole in one on lucky #13!

We came home mid week for Lawyer's first real scan since starting chemo (the tumor is officially SHRINKING!!) and to spend the rest of the week as a family. Yesterday I made a list of things I wanted to complete around the house and spent the entire day killing that list.  In this season I have so many things including one full day focused on getting the house organized for the week means I will feel so much less stress. I have a short list for this afternoon and then we are ready to tackle the first week of October.  Ps, how can it be October??

I hope your week was a good one.  I know mine turned out to be exactly what I needed!  ❤

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