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Fall Feelings

I will declare it, I think fall has officially started in the south.  Of course, the minute I say it in print it will be in the high 80s next week, but I am making the statement anyway!!  I first noticed it last night.  There was a chill in the air, it was breezy, and to be very Lorelei Gilmore ... there was a cleanness I felt.  When we got up this morning and the chill was still around I was ready to officially think about it and plan a sweater day.

Let's do this fall!

My weekend plans abruptly changed in the early morning hours yesterday and I was truly bummed out.  I love a weekend away, one full of adventure, new things, and the inspiration it provides and I was really sad when things changed.  Now that we are more than 24 hours post decision I have to say I am feeling a lot better and even taking full advantage of a weekend with nothing to do at home.  I see a pop in to Scotts, maybe a trip to the farmers market, and a lot of pumpkin shopping in my immediate future.  Heck ... I may even get totally crazy and make the front door look like fall arrived in a big way ... we shall see.  You can't get big pumpkins too quickly in Atlanta or you have to re buy them when you really want them for Halloween.   🎃

I highly recommend doing something different this year for fall ... like go to the haunted house you have always been too scared to go to (I am so talking to myself), hang a sheet in the backyard and have a bunch of friends over for a movie, do something super fun that you wouldn't do.  Life is short ... live the seasons and weekends to the fullest!!  

Ps ... I love any and everything Evelyn Henson does.  She is as cute as her amazing art!  I wish she would just draw my whole life for me!  

I linked a few of my fall favorites below ... I am in love with the sweater in these images, it is the softest thing in my closet.  I also added in my favorite new sweatshirt, my new Tretorns, and my fall booties.  I am dying over them!  Oh, and yes I did forget I did buy one pumpkin (here at my friend's house) and it is super heavy, but I love all the amazing fun and over sized pumpkins.  Anyone else?

I hope your Friday is fabulous ... and you have the best weekend.  I promise to pop on Instastories and share some of ours!

Adore you all ... 😘😘

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