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I Swiped Right

I have a confession to make.  Rent The Runway has been around quite a while but I knew next to nothing about the program.  For me the knowledge was limited to what I saw in the Sex And The City movie when Carrie's darling assistant rents her amazing bags.  I have known so many people who have used RTR and rented amazing pieces but I just never checked into myself.  I can tell you I finally took the plunge, swiped right, and we are now in a committed and fruitful relationship. 

And I could not be more excited!

I am here to share my experience with all of you today so that you won't be in the same boat I was ... with basically no knowledge of RTR and what all they can do for you.  I am here to help a sista out so you can have the same experiences I am right now, so take some notes.  This is about to make your whole week.

Rent The Runway does exactly what I thought they did, they have amazing event worthy pieces you can rent for special occasions.  But ... they do so much more than that.  They have two plans you can choose from which allows to pick the one that suits your needs perfectly. You may choose between the RTR Update, choose up to 4 pieces per month with 1 swap out, or the RTR Unlimited which gives you the same 4 pieces but you can switch them out as many times as you would like. The plans are so affordable and you can choose the one that is perfect for you. Basically ... you can borrow pieces like you would a best friend with incredible taste. 

Doesn't that sound magical??

I chose the unlimited plan which means I can have up to four pieces at any given time, keep them for as long as I need, swap them out and keep a constant flow of great things coming my way.  For my life this is the perfect plan.  It keeps my budget on track for events and allows me to add a piece or three to my closet that I would only wear a few times and then I can return them.  And ... if I decide I love something more than I expected I would I can purchase the piece at a discounted price and make it mine.  At the moment these sunnies are on that list.  I love them so much!!

To begin I chose 4 pieces ... a top + earrings + sunnies + a bag.  Each piece (as seen in the pics) was sooo me.  I knew I would wear them together and separately more than once so I signed up for unlimited and stalked UPS for my delivery.   I swear UPS is like the ice cream man for adults.  The minute he drives up and I see him stop in front of our house I am greeting him at the door to see what he has brought me.  I am sure he thinks I just stand in the door waiting with the speed in which I arrive there to wait. 😂

I have since traded in two of my pieces to await arrival of two more.  I am telling you ... this is the best.  One of my favorite things about RTR is that they treat you like gold. I was assigned a concierage who I can chat with via email or on a call and they sent me images for styling options.  I already knew how I wanted to style the top I rented but they sent three darling options for three great outfits.  It was so fun and they had incredible tips. 

Can you tell I am loving my new relationship since I am gushing on and on??  I highly recommend you try it out and email me with your experience.  I can tell you I will be sharing mine quite a bit. 

I am off to stalk UPS for my next arrival.  I leave on Friday for a fun weekend trip and taking them with me will be the icing on the cake!

Happy Wednesday!

This post was written in collaboration with Rent The Runway, but the choices, thoughts and images are my own.  As you know I only write about and use products and services that I truly believe in and this is one of those companies.  RTR has my full and glorious support. 💙

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