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Christmas Pajamas ... Yes Please

It is no secret that I love pajamas.  I know you shouldn't love things, only people ... but I really, really like them so very much it might really be a love affair.  I am not sure when my adoration for pajamas began but it is very strong and I don't see it ending honestly, really ever.  This time of year when it is chilly and even down right cold I cling to them more than usual as we are snuggled up with a fire, cocoa and lazy mornings over coffee.  I think they provide comfort for me which makes me very, very happy. 

Last year I was gifted these darling pajamas from Toss Designs with the artwork of one of my favorites, Evelyn Henson.  Who doesn't love some skiing giraffes?  They were worn on repeat and will be again this year as I swapped them up with all of my usual plaid favorites.  I have been spotted many times in a pair of pj pants at home with a sweater on top and slippers.  That way when I am ready to leave the house I just trade out the bottoms and my shoes and I am ready to go.  Until that time I am cozy as can be and super duper comfy. 

I think it is a magical plan. 

This year Toss has once again collaborated with one of my favorite artists to make these pajamas.  They are on my Christmas wish list and I will be digging through the packages on Christmas morning wishing each held a pair of them.  Aren't they darling?? 

I have rounded up all my favorite pajamas for you ... for you to snag a pair of the most darling ones for this time of year + in case you have a friend or loved one that has a strong game of pajama love like I do.  Let's just say if you ever need to buy me a gift ... I am always up for a new pair of pajamas or a coffee cup, or both.  ☕❤

Most of these amazing selections for you are on sale ... so they all deserve a look.  I am partial to the plaid sets paired with these slippers which are currently under $25.  Thank you very much, I will take both! 

Oh, and since it is currently 28 degrees in Atlanta I will be wearing my above mentioned outfit all day long!  Brrrrrrrr ....

Happy Thursday! 

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