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Gift Guide ... Shopping For Her

The days of me being done with all my shopping by December 1 are rolling along perfectly and I am doing really well getting things crossed off my list.  There are some things I have purchased and others I have marked to make sure I snag on Black Friday knowing for sure they will be on the best sale.  Last week I attended a local Holiday Gift show and knocked off four gifts.  I love buying some personal for those closest to me and I got a darling bunch of things at the booth of an artist.  She was darling and helped me choose a few things that are perfect for a few friends.  I am super excited.

Today's Gift Guide is focused on gifts for Her.  Later this week I will tackle gifts for Him.  I have taken quite a bit of time to pick things that I feel are really great gift ideas, things I would love to receive and gifts I would love to give.  I think gift giving is an art, something my grandmother mastered perfectly.  She was so good to watch us in life and choose things she knew we loved.  As she got older she would take me shopping and let me pick out my gifts, but the whole time her excitement level was always high.  Mine is the same this time of year, I love to wrap a gift I have chosen carefully and am dying to gift to someone I love and adore.

Let's talk about the women in our lives.  They are fellow mothers, best friends, treasured neighbors, sisters, sister in laws, our mothers, grandmothers, co workers, family, and most of all those who lift us up and help us to walk this crazy life.  I know the women in my life that I am buying gifts for fit all of the women in this category.  When I think of buying gifts for them I want them to know they are treasured and loved so very much.  I want to buy gifts I know they will love, will make them feel like they are special and dear to me.  I worked hard on this list to help you achieve the same.  There are so many great things available, but I wanted to create something that felt a little special.  Yes, we all love a great pair of slippers, but how about a super warm pair with a bow?

Can you tell I am super excited? 

I am going to tell you my favorites from the list and then add all the pieces below for shopping.

First of all I love these earrings!  Second this coffee bundle is like the best deal ever, considering separately they are pricey.  I also really love this box, I have one and it is so special, and so useful.  These slippers are stunning, I love all things needlepoint.  I have this book and absolutely love it and last, but definitely not least, this bag is a must have!!

You can shop all the rest of my Gift Guides ... I have them linked below. 

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