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Sweater Weather

Our weekend weather here was simply perfect.  Crisp, cool air with lots of breeze and a gorgeous blue sky.  On Saturday after lunch with my father in law for his birthday my youngest and I headed to one of our favorite spots to see a slew of perfectly colored fall trees.  They are the most stunning grouping of red, orange, yellow, and green.  I can't tell you how stunning it was and how much fun we had.  We played in the leaves, threw them, blew them, and just enjoyed the incredible backdrop of color.

My girl is obsessed with sweater weather and the more I thought about it the more I realized I love it just as much.  I love the crisp air and the drives with the windows down and the music on.  My new favorite uniform is jeans, a sweater, and some loafers and I am truly so happy in it.  I bought my first pair of Stubbs & Wootton recently and I am completely in love with them. I had heard for many years these shoes were amazing and I knew from the cult following it must be true, but since I had never tried on a pair I wasn't completely sold.  From the moment I put them on I realized how wrong I was as they were more than incredibly comfortable. There was no stretching time, no breaking them in, they fit perfectly and without any discomfort from the moment I slipped them on.  I am such a lover of a loafer and Stubbs are now at the top of that list.  Currently Stubbs is have a sale and you can get any of their fall styles for 35% off.  I would recommend at least one pair, you won't regret it.

Just in case Stubbs aren't your thing I added a collection of amazing loafers that would be a fabulous addition to any collection.  Loafers are so classic and will not be going out of style at the end of the fall/winter season so I am comfortable picking a few pairs of great ones to add to my closet.  Oh, and a heads up ... there are a few amazing sites to snag some great pre owned Stubbs & Wooton at amazing prices, like this one.

I mean these are really good ones, don't you think?

This sweater is so very soft and comes in two colors but I wish it came in so many more.  Maybe navy, grey, and pink to start with, if not more. It is so cute with jeans and leggings and runs really big, so size down.  This is the smaller of the two sizes and is plenty generous.  I have rounded up all my favorite sweaters on the scene at the moment, there are soo many good ones.  Who doesn't love a good sweater?

Have the best Tuesday ... our weather is holding out to be perfect so I am super excited about it, hope it is where you are as well!

For the time being I am holding off on our weekly 12 Happies du Jour posts to make space for all of the gift guides on the books.  I planned them on out on the editorial calendar and I couldn't squeeze it all in.  No worries, they will be back before you know it. 😘

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