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Introducing Mille Minear

Happy Monday to you all.  I have been keeping a little secret, but it was a good one so I know you will forgive me.  Remember last Monday when I set off on a secret mission to Columbus, Georgia?  Well ... I took my girl and we set out to see if the darling pup on the internet was in fact what we were supposed to adopt.  And turns out ... she was!  I remember the first thing she did when we met was rub her head repeatedly on my leg and I just knew we had found the dog we were meant to adopt.

So we did!!

As you know we lost Miles in mid October and to be very, very honest, I was not ok.  I tried to rally and I tried to keep busy but honestly I was really grieving.  I had no idea what an emotional support he was to be sometimes just sitting with me for hours while I worked.  He was always right next to me and I felt like I was constantly forgetting something, had lost something and I couldn't shake the feeling.  It has been a hard year and for what ever reason losing Miles was the apple that tipped the cart for me.  I was devastated and quietly just waited for it to pass.  It just seemed like it wouldn't leave me and I hated the feeling that I couldn't rally.

When I was in Savannah I shared my feelings with my friend Libbie over brunch.  She listened as I teared up and just told her I was really struggling.  She encouraged me to come home and get another dog as fast as I could.  To be real I thought she was a bit crazy.  How was I going to juggle a new dog with a sick Hubs and one teenager recovering and one in a boot.  WTH?  But when I came home and told Lawyer what she told me he immediately encouraged me to do the same.  Now, he has never been one to even think about adding another pup, but he immediately told me she was right. 

So I got online.  I can tell you I would never have been successful dating online because after registering for four different agencies and emailing about three dogs I heard nothing.  Not one word, which I think is crazy.  Can they not just say "no thanks" or "thank you, but this dog has found a home".  Honestly anything would have been better than complete silence.  But I waited and might have given up just a bit.

Black Friday I was shopping online and spotted a little message on my Google home page asking if I was still looking to rescue a pup and it had three sites to check out.  I checked out the first one and on page two I found this little nugget of love.  When I emailed asked about her the owner responded super fast and we started chatting.  After thinking on it and praying all weekend I spoke to the lovely woman on Monday morning and we made a plan to meet.  I knew if I drove two hours and didn't love her I would be so sad coming home so I took my girl with me who is the bravest girl I know.

But as you can see she was meant to be ours and we could not be more thankful or in love.  Even Murphy (my girl's pup) likes her.  Well, he doesn't hate her and seems fine to share his car, his people and his life with her which makes my life so very easy.  Honestly she has been the easiest decision I have ever made. She wandered around for a few days, but on the second night when she hopped up on the bed and slept next to me I knew she was happy.

We really feel so blessed to have gotten so lucky.  This last week I didn't tear up over my sweet Miles once but felt like he had chosen a girl for me with his same loving heart.  Oh, and cue the crazy dog parent, I have been shopping for both dogs more than usual and they have some darling gifts on their way for Christmas this year.  I swear I did back away from the matching Christmas morning pjs, which they make in case you decide y'all need them!  😂

We love you sweet girl, you are truly a gift and the best Christmas present I could have ever asked Santa to deliver!! ❤

Oh, and it's Day 3 of the 12 Days of Gifting and today I have the please to feature The Grove in Winter Park, Florida which is one of my first stops while I am in town.  The shop smells like heaven and is filled with such fun things.

We are featuring the Personalized Party Bucket which is truly the best idea for so many reasons.  Obviously you can use it as a drink bucket, as I did, but there are so many other fun ways to use and gift it.  How about filled with the ingredients for your favorite snack mix and tied with the recipe?  Or what about filled with tiny bottles of champs + a card tied telling someone how you think they are worth celebrating all year long?  Or ... you could fill it with a pink poinsettia and tie it all with a big bow?  How about just leaving empty but tying it up with this adorable bottle opener?  Yes!!  I love!  I just love the big gold monogram mine came with and it will be in heavy rotation in my house as both a drink bucket and a holder for popcorn for five for family movie night.  I just can't tell you how much I love this fabulous gift!

You can order yours here, I would recommend adding one to your cart for your family + at least two gifts!!  It is such a great idea!

Happy Monday to you all ... I am decorating the den today with a cute girl next to me, does it get any better??

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