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My Favorite Travel Purchases

I love to travel and maybe even just as much I love to pack for a trip.  I plan about a week ahead and start deciding what I want to pack for the different things we will be doing.  Since I love all kinds of adventure I get very excited and packing early really helps me make sure I have what I need for the things we will be doing and seeing.  For this most recent trip I happened to over pack which I have not done in a while, but I had no plans so I wanted to be ready for all options that could come up.  I had jeans + sweaters + way too many shoes + pajamas + walking clothes + more jeans and even quite a selection of earrings.  I was very prepared, over actually, but it worked out just fine.  👜

I think one of the reasons I really enjoy packing is that I feel like I have a system down.  I use a few things that I think really work for me and it makes it easier to get it all together and successfully in the suitcase or tote and all ready to depart.  Since I have changed my beauty routine so much this year + now my hair care products as well I found that I am traveling with a lot more products that need to be organized and managed.  That along with incorporating packing cubes I feel like I have my packing routine down to a science, or close to one.

If I fly I take either a smaller carry on suitcase or a larger one I check.  Either way I use my baggage handle wrap to identify my suitcase.  It is so easy to miss your bag when there are so many black ones floating around, but it is easy to spot with a monogram wrap.  I gift these quite often as I find they make perfect gifts.  If I need a luggage tag this is the one I use as it makes another great way to identify your bag.

Inside the suitcase I place my outfits which are stacked together (jeans, top, scarf, belt ... anything I need for the outfit) and then in the front I stack my shoes together along with my selection of bags and flat zips that hold various things (jewelry, toiletries, skin care, hair care, extra scarves, etc).  I love using two jumbo traveler bags for the bulk of my skin care and hair items and then the smaller flat zip bags for jewelry and other things.  I know it seems like a lot of bags, but it really works well for me.

This was the first time I have ever used a packing cube and I think I really like them.  I bought this set to try them out and I really like them.  I separated them out and use each compartment by itself.  In the smallest of the three in the set I put my tennis shoes.  I always worry that shoes will make my other clothes dirty and I love to use bags for them while I travel.  I just put the shoes in, zipped them up and they fit perfectly.  Any concern I had of them getting anything else dirty was gone. In the medium size bag I placed my walking clothes + my pajamas (I folded them inside the bag on the way there and rolled them on the way home since they were dirty), and in the largest of the bags I placed all my folded shirts + sweaters.  The shirts laid perfectly and the sweaters rolled up along the outside to keep it all cozy inside.  I really like the idea of packing cubes.  I would love to have a medium one for each outfit while I am gone.  It would be so perfect to grab one each day and then to return the dirty clothes later.  I am so type A and this system would be fabulous for me.  The packing cube system is one that is new to me but I can tell you I was quickly a fan. This set is a great price and I love how it adds even more Lilly in my life.

One of my favorite travel items is this bag from Truffle.  It is TSA approved and works so much better than a ziploc or the plastic one I have used many times from drug stores with the flimsy zipper. I have kept mine filled with travel sizes of my Beautycounter liquids so it is always ready when I am ready to take off.  If I am not flying I still use the Truffle bag because it anything spills I can just wipe it clean and it is ready for the next trip.  I really recommend this bag and you can see from the reviews it is a great one. For my travel sizes ... I am using the ones listed below and I love that I don't have to move my full sizes out of the drawer every single time I want to go somewhere.

For my carry on I have found that taking both of my Louie bags works perfectly.  When leaving last week I used one as a purse and the other as a carry all tote and it was ideal.  Since the larger one is the largest Neverfull I added this organizer and had every single thing I needed.  In the larger bag I stored a book, my laptop, chargers, extra glasses, a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of water, two snacks, two evening bags, my jewelry and my medicine.  There was still enough room to add my new Speedy to the top of the Neverfull even though it seemed filled to the brim.  When I was pulling my suitcase they became the one bag that would sit on top and when the bag was deposited to be checked I could separate them into two bags.  It worked so well I will be using them to travel from now on.

Two of my favorite things to add to my purse is this sunglasses case + this cosmetic bag.  I have had mine for a few years now and they are two things you will always find in my purse.  When I take a small bag for the evening I always head to my cosmetic bag to grab a lipstick + gloss and to my case to remove my sunglasses.  I always worry that they will get scratched and feel so good when they slide back in.

Some great news ... if you love any of these Barrington Gifts items below you can still order them for Christmas delivery.  Don't forget you get to customize your pieces any way you like with patterns + monograms.  I call that a major win, win!

Have the best Tuesday!

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