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Stuffing Those Stockings ...

I am so close to my December 1 deadline for being done with my shopping and I can see the deadline, I will have it all done by the end of the day.  I am so glad I made the decision to make this goal for the year because it is really helping me feel organized and since Lawyer has another scan in a few weeks I need to be prepped for whatever comes our way.  One of my favorite things to shop for is stockings, anyone else love these little sock shaped bags filled with little goodies?

When I was little my mother made our stockings and they had darling felt animals and snowman on them.  I remember seeing her try to hole punch black felt to make the buttons and eyes for the snowmen.  Just in case you didn't know, felt is really hard to hole punch, but she made it happen.  They were always filled with a mix of little travel size things + candy + a little wrapped gift or two.  We always started with stockings so I really love stocking time.  To this day we still start with stockings and then break for something to eat and then sit down to open all our gifts.  I love the tradition so much as we are all dressed in matching pajamas and the music is playing with a fire in the background and basically it feels like our own little Hallmark movie.

Since we have very sneaky and honestly nosey children I do not label their gifts with their names.  Each child gets their own specific wrapping paper and then I wrap one small gift that fits in the top of their stocking and they identify their packages by these small hints. I have done it for years and it keeps the sneaking down to a minimum if at all.  I also like the element of surprise that it adds to our day.  They are so funny, they will count and make sure that they all have an equal number of gifts ... they don't care about who gets what, they just want them to be even.  Why oh why do they worry about such things?  I am smarter than they are in this aspect so I have yet to mess up ... I may or may not count them many times just to make sure! 😉

Today I have some great ideas for you for stockings.  Each of us has a personalized needlepoint stocking like this one.  I bought them years ago and they are still so perfect and timeless. They hold a lot but I always seem to overfill them which I am completely fine with doing. Like I said before they always contain some fun travel size happies, bath goodies, something special or two wrapped, plus some fun items.  I absolutely love adding scratch off lottery tickets.  It is not something we buy regularly so they get excited when someone wins $1 or three.  Just adds some fun.  One year they all got Bean Boozled boxes and I do not think we have ever laughed harder!!  I mean, super gross but oh so much fun!

For the the stocking I laid out I mixed up a few things I snagged for the kids stockings plus a few things I really want for mine.  The darling patches are from my friend Libbie's new shop which you must check out.  I also got some pins that will end up in the kids stockings.  The tiny Nutella + Fruit Stripe + bath bombs came from Target.  So did the toothpaste and charcoal toothbrush and the precious giraffe pop socket.  The darling gingerbread cookie is from Lolli & Pops which is my favorite candy shop.  The stocking is from Five Below and I got one for each child for their door to decorate.  They were $4 each and they are very well made. The earrings and key fob are linked below and the amazing oyster ornament is from Pippa Goetz.  I bought three of them and I really adore them.

I also grabbed a few of my favorite Beautycounter products to add in which I know they all love.  I recommend using these as ideas for your stocking stuffers as you can feel good about what you are buying + they will love them.  That is always a win, win. First would be this charcoal set.  Since there are two products you could use it for two people.  These are really hot sellers, everyone loves them and both of them are fabulous.  I also love this lotion set, there are three of them which I would break up and give to three different people.  You can do the same with this set of lip gloss.  A few for each plus one or three for you!  Last ... this travel size product is the best thing imaginable to wrap up as a something special for the top of the stocking.  You will win the gift giving award. ❤

So for some stocking inspiration, here it what I recommend adding in ...

Happy Shopping ... see you loved yesterday's first glimpse into our house this season!

Before we go I have such fun news for you - Today begins a fun series I have for you, the 12 Days of Gifting!  Each day for 12 days I will share with you one small business I adore and one product from their shop that I think would make an amazing gift idea for you.

Today's gift on Day 1 comes from Ginny's Orchids.  When gifting this season there is always someone who you would love to send some Christmas spirit to and Ginny has just that gift.  From her shop you can send a stunning gift of the season.  Does your mother in law need a wreath for her door?  Does your favorite client need some fresh garland (I am obsessed with this one)?  Does your carpool bestie deserve the most stunning wreath?  I know mine does! You must check out the stunning options Ginny's Orchids has for both beautiful options for wreaths and garland.  You can choose from magnolia, boxwood, and cedar.  I am telling you they are stunning and they ship directly to your recipient.  Last year Ginny gifted me a magnolia tree for my entry and I was both so touched and enamored by its beauty.  I have never seen a magnolia tree.  It was truly so pretty!!

To check them out ... visit her website for the options and call her shop to order. They will ship it for you and include any special note you wish to send.  Since I am on a mission to finish my list and my decorating today I have ordered some garland for the front door.  I can't wait to get it!

Have the best Saturday ... and tell my darling friend Ginny I said hello! 

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