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12 Happies Du Jour

Oh I have so many fun things to share today, but traveling always inspires me, so I am truly not surprised at all.  I may have mentioned on Instagram (in excess) I had a wonderful weekend having some girl time in DC.  I have never been to DC or to Virginia and will be going back as a tourist with the kids, so this was just a best friend bonding, soak up time weekend and it was perfect for both of us.  Holly and I met our senior year at UCF and have been completely attached at the heart ever since.  One of my children is named after her, she is that close to family for us.  She moved to Arlington last year but since I have not had the time to just go and be with her this was a way overdue visit.

(us, right before I walked down the aisle August 26, 1995)

Oh, I have some great things to share! Let's get right to it today ...

On Saturday while we were walking around Georgetown we were hunting a spot for an early lunch.  We arrived just after 11 and most places did not open until at least 11:30.  My best friend's husband got on his phone and located a well rated place a few streets over and we happened upon the last time in the darling tavern.  Little did any of us know the history of Martin's Tavern when we walked in, or while we were there, or I would have snapped more photos than I did.  As we were leaving they were turning people away as the spot was packed with reservations for the rest of the day.  We truly felt so lucky to have snagged a booth and to enjoy such fabulous food.  I can't recommend it enough, but I would suggest a reservation.

My kids really love their Vineyard Vines t-shirts and I do my best to snag them new ones when I am in a new city.  I was thrilled to see that the Georgetown location had so many darling DC options and I snagged some fun ones for the kids. I completely forgot to grab one for myself, not a smart move, but I called yesterday and they could not have been kinder to offer to charge send one to me.  I will share it when it arrives.

Oh, and did you know they carry collegiate t-shirts?  Currently they have 8 styles. I love these!!!

Have I mentioned I have been cooking each night I am home.  For those who truly know me you will know this is a commitment from me as it stresses me out to prepare a meal during the dinner hour.  But, I am doing it and of course I feel so successful after it is done and the kitchen is clean once again.  Holly shared this recipe with me after making it for me.  It was delish and you should try it for your family!  She uses LF blue cheese + RF cream cheese which helps a lot with calories.

We were truly freezing after walking the streets and I snagged a fabulous, and super cozy scarf, which I immediately added to my outfit.  I was instantly warmer and I can promise you I will be adding it to my coat hook at home so I will have it at my fingertips when heading out on a cold day and most definitely on a cold day.  I love that it looks good layered over a sweater ... and I can't to add it to a navy one.

I am 100% completely dying to purchase these shoes ... #dying!!

Did you see this post?  So many of you have asked over the years if I have an Amazon shopping page.  I do now and I add to it quite regularly.  Currently I have six lists and I will keep adding to them as I find amazing things to share with you. I have also linked it for you on Instagram in the link in my bio.  If I mention I purchased something from Amazon on Instagram you can find the link to my page quite easy.   My favorite things I added this week were amazing blue tooth surround sound speakers and a new Nespresso I am coveting and hoping to see on my counter come Valentines Day.

I have told you I have been using my essential oil diffuser in the kitchen in the morning to set the tone before the kids come down. I have been using citrus refreshing + peace & calming and they seem to love it.  I just know the mornings have been easier for all of us and I love that so very much! I am most definitely enjoying my Young Living starter kit immensely.

One of my favorite companies is having a buy one get one half off sale and this is the perfect time to get a mask or two, or more.  This Colleen Rothschild mask is my favorite and I really love this mask brush, it would save me using too much because I am sticking my fingers in the jars.

Have you ever tried Drunken Goat cheese?  I had not before eating it while watching football on Sunday and I can say I am a fan for sure.  I need to find out where I can find it in Atlanta.

Y'all ... my favorite shop is having a up to 70% off clearance sale and this means the clearance items are basically free.  I kid, but you know what I mean.  I added all of my favorite things below for you to shop if you haven't already done so.  I got on and snagged these pants (in pale pink) and this shirt and I really wanted these shoes but they weren't available in my size.

Holly asked me to help her with her newly acquired lashes and I can honestly tell you I was quite nervous.  I have had lashes many times and I truly love them, but having them put on is not my favorite.  I had never heard of Lashify and I had to watch a video to learn how to apply them.  They swear it takes less than 5 minutes to apply.  I would say for the first attempt it took maybe 10, but know that I know how to use them I would say next time will take only 5.  I loved how easy they were to apply and how fabulous they looked when they were done.  I will say that I know can't stop thinking about them.  I have been using lash serum, which has been fabulous, but now I have major lash envy.

One of my Instagram followers shared these leggings with me via DM last week.  She said ... "I saw these and thought of you".  She was spot on, I love them!

Have the best day lovies ... hope your Tuesday is a great one!

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