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Introducing Young Living

I have told you I am going green this year and every single week I am taking on one area of the house and our lives.  At the end of the year I will as close as we can to a green house and making green choices.  The first decision I made for the year to put us on the right track was to purchase a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living.  I jumped in with both feet and completely committed to the products.  They arrived 10 days ago and I haven't had one single regret.

Young Living is an amazing company compiled of pure and powerful products that are infused with the benefits of essential oils.  I, like everyone else, had heard of essential oils and seen so many people using them but I was completely out of the loop with knowledge. Honestly, I just thought it was a trend and didn't feel the need to learn any more.  As with many things I learned last year, I was so very naive. The first time I was introduced to an oil was from my sweet sister in law who suggested that Frankincense oil might be good to add in our lives during my husband's journey.  I googled, loved every single thing I read, and ordered it online immediately along with a small diffuser.  When it arrived I started using it daily and have been since that day in late August.  I asked our oncologist about essential oils and she confirmed that it would be a great addition to our lives.  That was all the the reassurance I needed, I am completely sold. This article is a great resource for why you should be using essential oils and how to use them in your daily life.

There are a lot of oils on the market. You can purchase them anywhere from CVS to Amazon but do your research because all oils are not created equal.  Since my commitment is to the green life and to being as healthy as we can I have made the decision to use Young Living.  The oils are pure and you can diffuse them, ingest them, roll them on your skin and it will be 100% safe.

The best way to get started on the essential oil journey is with a Premium Starter Kit. The kit includes the Desert Mist diffuser + 11 essential oils + Thieves household cleaner + 2 essential oil energy drinks.  It is a great place to start and the price is unbeatable, truly.  Alone the diffuser included is $80 and for $160 you get so many items to get you started. Every single post that I will write on the Weekly Wellness journey will come back to Young Living and oils in some way or another.  This is just the beginning of the best year of your life and this is the best place to start.  You can start the journey + get your Premium Starter Kit by signing up here.

Since I went from one oil to a lot of them ... I have been using the graphic above, which I found on Pinterest, to get used to using them in every aspect of our lives.  I have really loved every single suggestion I have tried.  Today I even added two drops of lemon oil to my ice water since I was out of lemons.  It is delicious.  The easiest way to use essential oils is to diffuse them.  With a diffuser you can create your own aromatherapy environment.  I love to turn on the one in the kitchen while I am having coffee and then let it be already working when the kids come down.  Mornings are the most stressful time of our day as a family and it is easy for one or more of them to be grumpy or argumentative.  Since I started diffusing oils they seem to be more peaceful.  In this diffuser I use a combination of Joy + something citrus + Peace & Calming.  I love the smell and they seem to like the blend as well.  In our bedroom I diffuse a combination of Thieves + Lemon + Eucalyptus and it has helped keep it germ free as well as relaxing.  We need both right now in spades.

To understand more about the set you can watch my Instastories ... but I recommend you order the kit today and we can figure out the rest together.  Make the first step into green living by joining me in Young Living, I promise you it will be an amazing decision.

Happy Monday to all of you!

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