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12 Happies du Jour

Oh happy Tuesday!  We are currently on winter break so the days are not scheduled and we have been enjoying some low key time.  I don't love the short summers, but I do love the week off with the kids every other month and the February break is one of my favorites!  💗  I have some fabulous things to share with you today ... some things to see, some to buy, and a few things I have on my mind!

We are seeing some signs of spring coming in Atlanta and I am loving it.  On Saturday I loved seeing some of my favorite trees in bloom.  Virginia - Highlands was my first home in 1993 when I moved to Atlanta and it still holds a special place in my heart!  While we were in mid town we ate at Callie's Hot Little Biscuit + shopped at Ponce City Market, two things I recommend to anyone who is coming to the city.  So much fun!!

Anyone else love a good basket bag?  Since the weather will be warming up oh so soon I have basket bags on my mind.  I have rounded up some good ones for you guys, and some of them are the best prices!  I love the shape of this one, and the bow, yes please!!  This one has the best blue and white detail which I have never seen before.  And this one ... the most darling detail and a navy inside, so very cute! I rounded up a few more for you below.  I could literally buy every single one of them!

I have been wearing hoop earrings recently and I love them.  I snagged these for Summit and I will be wearing them on repeat. 

I was so sad to hear of Lee Radziwill's death last week.  I always thought Lee was so intriguing and her style was so incredible.  Something about those sisters that just fascinated me so much.  This article was a good one to read this weekend and I also really enjoyed this compilation of photos

My friend Andrea (she writes an incredible blog you must read) wrote this fabulous blog post with some shots of Lee's fabulous homes.  It is a must read for sure!!

These plates stopped me in my tracks when I spotted them last weekend.  I love every single pattern and they look so amazing paired together.  I highly recommend you check them out for spring and your Easter tables.  What a perfect table these dishes would create!

The Flawless in Five is my favorite makeup routine (as you all well know) and the gift with purchase is still going on and you should snag it while it is still available.  Six amazing and safe beauty products you apply in five minutes that will change your days and change your mornings. I am so excited to notice you can either choose a brow pencil or the new brow gel, whichever you prefer.

Since I purchased these jeans I have worn them so many times.  I have them on more than twice a week and at least one day on the weekend.  I really think they may be the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn.  The high waist is the best and helps out if you wear a top or sweater that is short waisted.  You must check out these jeans. They are currently 40% off making them $60.  The best jeans I have purchased in years!!

I am obsessed with this idea I found from a fellow oils girl.  Recreating the fabulous Anthro scent?  Count me in.  (20 drops NLBS, 10 Geranium, 10 Grapefruit, 8 Orange) I can not tell you how much our essential oil use has changed our days and our routine.  I feel like I have some awesome tools in my toolbox when I need help with headaches, anxiety and the slump in the afternoon and that is just with rolling and diffusing oils.  The oils I add to my water make drinking it so much easier and make it even better for me! This week I will break down my daily schedule for you along with every single oil we are using and how.  If you want to start using therapeutic essential oils you should start with this blog post and a Premium Starter Kit which signs you up to be able to purchase products at 24% off.  It is the best way to add them to your every single day.

My very favorite pajamas are on sale!!  You need to add these to your birthday list, mother's day list, any list you can and tell your plus one to get them for you and save them!  Better yet, treat yourself and your mother, sister, best friend ... all of the above.  These pajamas are truly the most comfortable I have ever worn.  You must check out all of them below ... some of them are half price which is such a good deal!!

I have mentioned that I work with a number of brands as an Influencer and I would like to take this last happy to point out that a number of them are showcased on the right side of the blog.  All of these small businesses support me and I support them.  If you are looking for great gift ideas make sure you start with this list as there are so many great things to be found at each of the showcased businesses.  Being a small business myself I understand how much it means to have someone support you.  Check them out ... Audrey Durden, Giddy Paperie, Toss Designs, August Morgan, The Grove, Monogram Merchant, and Catstudio.  🎉

I know I am not the only one who loves a charcuterie platter.  At home I create one at least once a week, sometimes more.  If we go out and I see it on the app menu I am all in.  I think the mix of cheeses, meats, bread and spreads just speaks to me.  I have created a board for you to check out with some of my favorites I have seen.  Check them out and see if you find anything you want to add to yours or if you need some help setting up, there are some amazing ideas!

Have the most amazing day!


  1. l just love reading your blog and look forward to reading it every night, but my credit card bills have increased greatly since l started reading ... a new hair brush and faux tortoise and bamboo hoops .. just this week .But l selfishly have mixed feelings about basket bags ... bc l bought a fabulous S. Ferragamo basket bag about 10 years ago and every time l use it l get compliments bc it is unusual. It’s a bit fancier ~it’s a smaller bag with a long gold chain that you can tuck in. I guess l will have to start calling mine “vintage” .
    Thanks for your great upbeat blog and ideas!

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