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Weekly Wellness ... Spring Cleaning

Anyone else getting really excited about the longer days and slightly warmer temperatures?  The sun shining the last few days for way longer than normal is just life giving.  As the warmer temperatures are starting to stay in Atlanta I am becoming more and more excited about spring.  For some reason it has rained on repeat in Georgia resulting in record rainfall and it, along with winter, has brought on my first ever slight case of winter blues.  The onset of spring is so welcome and I intend to celebrate it with some spring cleaning, fluffing, and more than one spring dinner.

Of course, before I start fluffing I need to sweep the house with one really good spring deep clean.  With a little Marie Kondo along with some good old fashioned top to bottom scrubbing and the house will be more than ready for the new season.  With the switch to green cleaning I have felt so good about how clean our house can be.  Since the purpose of cleaning your home is supposed to remove the bad, I feel very strongly about how I clean my home.  I learned so much when joining Young Living about the ingredients of the cleaning products I had chosen to use. After learning I had made choices that really weren't cleaning without the addition of harmful chemicals, I immediately removed all of the products and replaced them with a much better choice.  All of the details of why can be found in this blog post.

This month of Essential Rewards is the jackpot to assist you with making the switch to green cleaning. The Essential Rewards program, available to members only, allows you to chose products sent to you each month without having to take the time to make a shopping list.  You even get to chose when they are sent to you.  I think of it as filling your cart on Amazon with the things you need and then even getting to chose the day they are delivered.  I absolutely love the ease. With each order placed you earn Essential Reward points (up to 25% back) that can be used for products, diffusers or anything else you wish to spend the on.  Depending on the amount you chose you can qualify for levels of free products.  Honestly I just love every single thing about the Essential Rewards program, I just can't find one thign about it that isn't user friendly.

With the onset of spring this month's promotion is like a major jackpot.  You can earn a list of amazing Thieves products combined with Orange + Thieves + Kunzea oils.  Switching out your hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap, and cleaner and adding in Veggie Soak will make sure your home is clean, green, and ready for spring.  I think that may even rhyme. 😉

To become a member, if you haven't already chosen to do so, you can enroll here.  Once enrolled you can chose to join the Essential Rewards program and set up your first scheduled shipment.  The ER program is not required by any means, but it is one of the amazing benefits of Young Living.  When I saw the promotion this month I quickly made my shopping list to make sure I would receive every single one of the promotion items.  Since the Thieves products are concentrated allowing the products to last way longer than you would imagine.  We have been using these products for a little over two months and I am still on my first bottle of dish soap, household cleaner, and just started using my third bottle of laundry soap.  With all five of us under one roof laundry soap has always gone quickly and I love seeing our usage drop so dramatically.

I have gathered the bottles you will need to create the sprays you will need to clean the house.  The best part about using Thieves is that one product will work for all areas.  With the addition of baking soda + a few oils and some great towels you can clean every thing from glass surfaces to sinks and even your floors. Make sure you choose amber glass bottles to keep your oils safe from the sun and heat. I love adding on the fun labels since our bottles are sitting in prime visual spaces in the kitchen, laundry rooms and the bathrooms. I consider the cute words on the side of these bottles just the icing on the cake.

If you have any questions about using the products or how to create the cleaners you are looking leave me a comment or send me an email.   I am more than happy to help! 

Have the best Thursday ... 🍋🎉

You can find the original blog post of the spring table here + photography by Christina Wedge

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