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12 Happies du Jour

So, this week was not at all what we had planned.  Lawyer had a scan last week and the plan was to wait until Friday to get the news then to take a train yesterday to DC for the week.  We were planning on coming home on Friday to be able to spend the weekend with the birthday boys.  After the results appointment the stress of the week and the exhaustion from working for two weeks straight (so many great deadlines) and I hit the wall. The kids decided going to DC on a train for a week didn't sound as amazing as sitting at home and having day dates with their friends, a lot of which didn't have plans for the week.  Honestly, it turned out to be the best plan.  I can already feel the exhaustion lifting and I know that a great week at home without specific plans will turn out to be the best thing for all of us.  Lawyer isn't feeling his best (a little worse than normal at the moment) and being near him just feels like a great idea.  So ... a week at home with no plans it is for all of us.

I started yesterday morning with an extra cup of coffee in bed and then wrote for a bit in my office and just enjoyed the lack of to do list.  A nice long breathe out feels amazing. 

It's April and I flipped my calendar and found the amazing image of blue +white above. I absolutely love my calendar from Sweet Caroline.  Actually every single thing she makes makes me happy, she is just so darling. These desk calendars are currently on sale so snag one for your desk at work + at home.

This article was so good.  I have always been a little obsessed with all things Derby and this article was so good for learning all the things.  I love understanding why its known as the "run for the roses".

I snapped this photo last Thursday as I was leaving Westside Market with a yummy iced nonfat lavender latte from Ann Mashburn.  It was sooo yummy by the way.  What I am excited to share in this photo that I noticed after the fact is how much I am loving my eyebrows right now.  I let my friend Emily give me some tips while we were in Sea Island in February and I know have so much more knowledge.  That combined with this brow gel is giving my eyebrows the much needed attention they were lacking.  Also, I am loving this color (Hibiscus) on my cheeks for spring. Both of these products can be purchased as part of the Flawless in Five set.

One of the things on my want to do list this week is to perfect my own avocado toast.  I love ordering it when we are out but at home mine seems to be lacking.  I bought three avocados yesterday along with some amazing bread and some ingredients to figure out my favorite combination.  I will let you know when I master it.  I am leaning toward something like this recipe but I am also open to trying one or two of these.

In December during a trip to Winter Park I splurged and snagged two pairs of Align Pants, a black and a navy.  I love them quite a bit but when so many bloggers and people on Instagram were raving about a pair they snagged on Amazon for a 1/4 of the price I had to check them out.  They arrived last week and I put them on yesterday and immediately liked them so much better than the Align pants.  First of all the price is so much better I don't feel bad at all for ordering another pair, and then I think they fit and feel better.  Maybe it is just because I am so excited about finding something similar for such a better price, but I am really infatuated with them.  I also found a full length pair + a cropped pair as well in case those lengths are better for you.

I found a darling sling bag this weekend that seems like the perfect messenger sling bag.  It comes in three colors and can also be worn as a single shoulder by adjusting the straps.  Even better, you can choose the color of your strap and change it up for many different looks.  I prefer the black with the embroidered bee strapHow fabulous are these bags?

I am completely in love with this amazing headboard ... I am not sure if it is the scallop or the navy velvet that is more fabulous.

I read this story after Carly shared it on her blog.  I read it twice, trying to take it all in.  While my son doesn't have needs or disabilities anywhere near this darling girl a lot of the feelings when he was little were the same.  He was obviously different and the fits he threw as a young child got a number of looks.  I love that she tackles the issue dead on and suggests some great tips on how to help your child understand the differences in children.  Kids are so innocent and they ask such great questions and they deserve really good answers.  💗

image by Angie Webb Creative

I bought the most beautiful ranunculus the last two weeks at Trader Joes and wanted to learn more about these flowers.  The first time I ever saw them was a few years ago in New York in January and I was fascinated by their tiny yet stunning blooms and their amazing crooked stems.  I did some research on these cool weather blooms and thought you would like to know more about them as well.  I bought some yellow ones last weekend and this week I bought the most beautiful pink ones.  I love that even though the flowers are one color the shades are all so different.

I was checking out all the new spring arrivals at some of my favorite retailers and found some really cute things to share with you.  Since the weather is warming up I am feeling white jeans + sandals + basket bags on repeat.  I have been so attracted to blue stripes, seersucker, large hats and darling earrings lately and I have found a bunch of fun things for you which I added below. 🌞

I can't believe Lilly Pulitzer is celebrating its 60th year as a brand.  I just love all things Lilly and the color and full of life brand.  I recall my very first Lilly pants as a newlywed.  I still have them although I don't have the same no hips body I did before having babies.  They are still so cute so I will be keeping them forever!  There are some great new pieces to celebrate sixty years, all of which are so cute!

I hope your Tuesday is fabulous!!


  1. Sounds like your staycation is the best plan all around. Hope lawyer starts feeling better soon.

  2. Your brows look great! Noticing the freckles on your forehead compel to say please wear sunblock. I have had two melanomas and many other skin cancers over the last 10-15 years. It’s not worth the temporary color, I promise!

  3. Thank you for the link love - let me know which avocado toast recipe you like most! :)

  4. Your Haapies-du-jour is my weekly FAVORITE! I look forward to it every week! Thanks for sharing all of the fun things!!



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