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Oh Happy Easter!

I honestly think Easter is my favorite holiday.  It is the perfect reason for a holiday,  as we are celebrating the risen Savior.  It also comes at one of the prettiest times of the year when the outside has gorgeous new growth after months of death.  So many colors, blooms, flowers and life.  I can't seem to get enough of spring this year as it gets prettier each and every day.  Yesterday it was cold and rainy and today it was much warmer and once again sunny and glorious.  As I was setting the table this morning the sun poured through the windows filling the kitchen. It was one of the prettiest mornings we have had this year.

We had a super simple Easter, breakfast plus a late lunch with just the five of us.  We laughed so hard, played Uno, ate yummy food, laughed harder and truly just enjoyed our time together.  Our oldest had to leave mid afternoon to prepare for a final so we squeezed it all in before 2, with the plan to meet up later for leftovers and a movie.  Easy, peasy and yet perfect.  (We watched Peter Rabbit and it was honestly so cute.)

When Mary and I planned the Easter tables in March I immediately decided to use an all blue theme when setting our own table.  I would use our regular Blue Willow dishes and add in some Spode and all white flowers and just run with the blue theme.  Early last week I ordered these darling napkin rings.  The bunny is just incredible, don't you think?  When they arrived and I was pulling napkins to try I settled on these green ones and the table plans changed very quickly.  My goal was a simple table with an easy day, just spending time as the five of us.  I knew what I wanted to eat for breakfast (which we served on paper goods, thank you Mary!) and lunch would be a simple as well.  These plates which I have loved since the moment I first saw them sealed the deal for me.  I love the colors and the vintage feel and when I stopped into Williams Sonoma for a few things I couldn't leave without them. 

That bunny napkin ring made the table for me!

I have some sources for you ... if you take out the rabbit napkin rings and the eggs and it is a fabulous spring collection of items. The tablecloth is a vintage sheet, one that reminds me of a set my Nana had years ago.  The napkins are also a vintage score, and oh so pretty! This dress was so comfortable and such a great white dress and I just love these earrings (cornflower tassels). Oh yes, and my new favorites in the glasses category.  🕶

Our flatware is a great set that you can purchase here ... and our monogram cocktail napkins are from Emily McCarthy.  I chose the classic pink napkin with the gold foil monogram. They are truly the prettiest pink.  The darling napkin rings also come in a lion (so stunning) and a bee and you will love both of them.  I snagged a few lion as well and can't wait to add them to an all blue + white table. 

I hope your weekend was magical, filled you up with love and family, we truly loved every second of ours.  Happy Monday to you all!


  1. Beautiful table, Paige! I fell in love with the WS plates this year, and forced myself to leave them behind. I couldn't justify buying more plates! I'm still in awe of them and their perfect spring vibe! Putting my Easter things away today, so feeling a bit sad to pack up my bunnies and eggs. This bright table put a smile on my face.
    PS, love the napkin rings. I've had the bees for several years and just love using them1

  2. I have a question regarding your lovely white dress. Does is require a slip for modesty? Thank you in advance.



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