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Weekly Wellness ... Plastic Purge

I think it hit me maybe a week or so ago that I was still using way too much plastic.  I know it may seem silly but I was unloading this dishwasher and putting all the "tupperware" pieces away and realized they were all plastic.  Not only were they plastic but they were stained and burnt in spots and it occurred to me that we were using a lot more plastic than I realized.  Even more, the plastic pieces we had with the stains and marks were really unhealthy.  If we could stain something than it must be porous meaning it was holding all kinds of things I didn't want my family exposed to.  And worst of all, the microwave + plastic issue is bad.  How did I not think of this before?

The plastic issue brought up more issues and before I knew it I had chunked all the plastic and was ordering all new glass pieces to replace them.  I got three sets, which is more than we need, but I would rather have extra.  I ordered this set + this one + this set for lunches. Since the Hubs needs to watch what we eats we try to pack his lunch everyday.  He loves to grill and he hasn't been grilling since he got sick.  He was using a charcoal grill and we realized it was not safe so he stopped using it, but that also meant he was no longer grilling.  For his birthday last weekend I was committed to replacing his grill.  When he first stop using the grill I asked a bunch of you what we could replace it with.  Hands down the largest thing I heard in response was one of two things ... a green egg or a pellet grill. After a ton of conversation and researching by the Hubs we have landed on this pellet grill.  It is just what he needs and uses only hardwood pellets which makes grilling a whole lot safer.

If you aren't familiar with Traeger you can read all about the pellet grills here.  We chose this option vs. the green egg which is an incredible choice for grilling.  So many people love their green eggs and we decided to go with the pellet grill for the larger cooking area.  Lawyer is used to using a wider grill and loves the option of grilling more than one thing.  He is a mixed meal kind of guy and its not uncommon for him to grill burgers, chicken, and more all at the same time. He loved the idea of the larger grilling area and the pellet container which feeds the grill when it needs them.  He was sold.

He doesn't realize I bought it and its coming this week so he can start cooking this weekend.  He thinks he will have to make that happen, but I go online and ordered it.  Once again, Walmart to the rescue.  I found the pellets, the cover and all kinds of accessories and replacement parts if we need them all in one place.  He will be so happy to get outside and just spend some quality time being creative.  It will be so good for him!

I am thrilled that I will be able to take the dinners he loves to make and pack them for him in these safe containers so he can take them to work.  I have been making a lot of bowls lately, as in cauliflower rice with added meat and veggies.  I serve it in large bowl and we all seem to really like them.  My favorite is to mix roasted veggies + bbq pork tenderloin + a soy flavored sauce on top.  I also have made fajita bowls and most recently a salad with taco meat and fixings in a big bowl.  The goal being to limit bread and other things that aren't good for any of us.  Cauliflower rice is so yummy if you haven't tried it.  You can serve it like you would rice or potatoes and you will truly enjoy.  I am also super thrilled I got on my favorite new website and ordered every single thing I needed. to the rescue!

Happy Thursday ... here's to a weekend filled with yummy grilled food! 

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