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12 Happies du Jour

image by Angie Webb Creative

We are officially walking into the last week of school for our younger two kids and I have some serious mixed feelings.  I always struggle with the end of school because that means they are one year closer to being adults which is hard.  You raise them to be independent and leave home and yet you never really want them to grow up and go.  It's tough, but I honestly have never been more proud of our kids.  They killed this year and they are all ready for a good summer.  Our girl could not be happier to be done with middle school and I seriously don't blame her one bit, the middle school years are so hard! And the middle child killed it this year which is such a blessing for him and us since just 18 months ago it was such a dark and deep struggle.  He is so excited to officially be done with his junior year!  How can they be this old?

I am posting what would normally be a Tuesday post on Monday because I have such great content coming this week which I think you will love.  I finally have all the great images and details from our Charleston trip along with a fabulous collaboration bonus to announce on Thursday.  It is so good and I know you will love.  So to make room for all that goodness .... I have a 12 Happies post for you today.

Cute pajamas and hot strong coffee, oh yes please!  This is the best way to start any day, and most definitely a Monday.  I have such a love for cute and comfortable pajamas that I hardly want to get out of them to get dressed.  It can be a problem and every once in a while on the weekend I just don't.  What a treasure those days are!!  This lemon night shirt is sold out, but my new favorite pair of pajamas is brand new and sooo cute.  

All of these pajamas are darling ... check them out. 

These earrings are fab. I have been seeing a lot of pearl accessories this year (like this super cute barrette) and as a southern girl, I'm not mad at it ... at all. Here's two other affordable options here and here which I adore as well

This is such a heartwarming story I had no heard before.  I love it and I am so glad to know that Jackie was loved and had someone so dear to her was with her during her last years.

First of all there is a sale for Jack Rogers and I am all over this situation ... like this up to 50% off situation. When I got the email I immediately ordered this gingham pair.  I had wanted them for a while and this price was so good. They will be so cute with all my summer things along with the red, white and blue for Memorial Day and July 4th. Since I own the Palm Beach airport code pair in pink I went with the blue gingham and I think it will be perfect.  💙

My assistant has a girlfriend who works at this cute little Juice Bar and Cafe in Fort Lauderdale. She checked out their Instagram and next time I'm down in South Florida I will be there in a heartbeat. Can you even handle all the toast options?

This brand MANGO is so chic. I fell in love with their affordable, trendy, and chic pieces. Below are some spring and summer pieces ...

This book looks stunning! I'm always looking for travel inspiration. I love my Kate Spade Places to Go, People to See and this Condé Nast Traveler one looks just as promising. I love adding books to my well collected bookcases. 

Straw hats are still on my radar. I just find them timeless and better than a baseball cap because it not only covers my face but also the back of my neck. Plus it elevates any look and who doesn't want that! 

This blog post is stunning and now I want to be in NYC ASAP. All I could say was, "oh my." I have a trip planned for a quick visit in September and I may have to chose one of these beautiful locations for a visit. 

I fell in love with these overalls (my assistant lived in her's this past school year and the compliments kept coming), these loafers (I mean come ON!), this jumpsuit (gingham of course), and this midi skirt (the color is to die for). Here are some more options for overalls if that's your style ...

I hope your Monday is amazing!!! 💗

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