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Breakfast On The Balcony

As I type this for you now I find myself craving an amazing breakfast just like the one we had while in Charleston.  Isn't is always that way when you have something so good, you crave it again and again?  Wednesday morning of our trip we were up early and ready for the day and most definitely the doorbell when our breakfast arrived.  Coffee in hand + cute pajamas on we were hungry and more than dying for some Callie's biscuits and grits

Now that I think about it ... I think the incredible food tasted even better with our fabulous view of the Charleston Harbor.  Can you even?

When we planned our trip I told my sweet friends at Callie's that we would be in town and they were amazing and delivered breakfast to us ... in our room.  One of their amazing catering team girls rang our doorbell promptly at 8:45 am with a variety of biscuits and some of their incredible Carolina Grits and a wonderful spread of toppings.  As she was unpacking the biscuits I was so excited to try them all, but I settled on just two ... a blackberry and a special one for Derby.  They were as always, so delicious. 

Just as excited as I was to eat those hot little biscuits I was so happy to dig into those incredible grits.  I loooove grits and I always make it a point to order a small bowl while I am at the HLB.  My favorite way to order them is with cheddar cheese + roasted tomatoes.  They are so very good.

We nibbled and nibbled and drank every single drop of the french press coffee knowing it would be a long day and we would be thankful for it later.  I don't use my french press as often as I should, it needs to be a regular weekend ritual, it is just always the best cup of coffee. I pulled mine out a few weeks ago when I got home and I still haven't used it.  Why oh why??  That just made the top of the to do list this summer, make more french press coffee! ☕  

Aren't my friends just darling?  I highly recommend you eat every single breakfast at home or on vacation in Lake Pajamas.  Not only are they so pretty, but they are hands down the most comfortable things you have ever worn. Since we all own and love our Lake pjs it was a no brainer to pack them for the trip.  I am wearing a long, long set ... Mary is wearing a short, long set (with her darling Birdie slippers) and Caroline is wearing a gown.

Just another shot of those incredible hot little biscuits ... you must get some asap.  If you don't live in a city where there is a shop, order them online.  You will thank me so many times.  Get the cinnamon + the plain + cheese and chive.  Oh, and if you love ham most definitely order the country ham.  And get the pimento cheese and the honey and most definitely the blackberry jam. 

Oh my ... 

Oh how I am craving biscuits!  

Happy Wednesday ... I can't wait for tomorrow's post!! 🙌

Images by Andrea Kinnear Photography
Coffee cups from Emily McCarthy Shoppe

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