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Graduation Gifts For All

Wow ... it is graduation season once again and I can't even believe that its been four years since our oldest graduated from college.  He would be graduating this year ... but he has a double major and is two credits short so he has taken an internship position with an engineering firm and will graduate in December.  I am thrilled ... an internship is the best for getting your foot in the door and it keeps the graduation feelings at bay for six months.  I don't know if I could have managed the end of 8th grade and the end of college at the exact same time.

#sniff ...

A number of you expressed a graduation gift list over the last couple of weeks and I have rounded up some great ideas for both girls and boys.  Some of the items I pulled are items my son received or I saw others receive and each one of them I thought was fantastic.  If you have any concern at all let me tell you that cash is amazing for a graduate as they are always working on their savings account.  As college students they want to build up savings and when they graduate from college they most definitely need one.  I have noticed over the last four years money gifted earmarked for the savings account gets the tightest hugs.

Here are some really great ideas (I think so!) I hope help you ...

Every student can benefit from a leather bound personalized bible.  We gifted our children theirs when they were baptized and I love seeing them pulled out and used.  ❤

A great watch is a great gift and Daniel Wellington makes a great option for both males + females.  I have noticed that kids use their phones for a clock but there is nothing like a good watch.

All graduates need towels and I think a monogram towel set is perfect for all roommate situations.  I recommend a set of 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and a few washcloths.  Weezie towels and my absolute favorite towel ... and good news,  they won't have to be washed every single day.

Oh, a monogram robe is a need for sure.  I recall going from not sharing anything to sharing a dorm room and needing that robe for all the things. If there is any hallway walk from the shower I would also suggest a great pair of Ugg slippers as well.

If your student is going to be traveling back and forth to school they will need a rolling suitcase, especially if they will be flying.  I love this suitcase from Mark + Graham.  Bonus ... add a luggage tag so they can spot theirs among the crowds.

I can also recommend a great large tote (timeless and holds everything from a weekends worth of clothes to all kinds of things to carry back and forth to school) + a passport cover + leather goods for males + a great monogram pen.  I know it seems old school to get them luggage and/or a pen, but I can promise you they are such great gifts.

How about a great book on how to become an adult?  Pair this with a stock certificate or two and you have set them up for life after college or on their feet if they are just graduating.  They may roll their eyes initially but you just made an investment in them, they will remember you!

If they are heading to school where it is chilly I recommend a Barbour jacket.  They need it and it will always look great on them! Also, a raincoat is always a good idea for walking across campus or from the parking lot to the new job!

Can you imagine how popular their dorm room/apartment will be with a record player + some fun records playing?  I love this idea and if they are going to school not knowing anyone this is a great way to meet people!

My assistant added this door mat to her graduation wish list and I loved it.  So fun and so chic, and you will most definitely be the cool gift giver!

I bought all of my son's friends small monogram coolers.  As a college student you are traveling back and forth to home and you need something to keep your Diet Coke and water bottles cold.  Plus you just became that cool student who has a cooler.  I love when one of his best friends carries his to our house when he comes over.  I added the monogram to their coolers and matched the school colors.  I told them all it was for water + soda, nothing more. 😉

How about a pair of air pods and a cool case to hold them in?  They will need them for studying in the library and for listening to all the podcasts and cool things they listen to these days.

If you are shopping for a girl ... I highly recommend this silk pillowcase.  Even better, have it monogrammed!

Are they moving into an apartment?  Start a tool box for them.  My dad gave me one and I still have it and use it all the time.

How about a fabulous backpack?  If you are shopping for a girl I suggest Madeline & Co., for guys I recommend this one (waxed canvas so its waterproof!).

A gentleman?  They will most definitely need a navy blazer.

A girl?  How about a great pair of pearl earrings for all those date nights, sorority meetings and award ceremonies.

Do they love coffee?  If they don't now they will by the second month they are in school.  I suggest a single use Keurig + 2 mugs.

Every graduate would love a great pair of sunglasses, I suggest a pair of classic Raybans.

I hope your weekend is incredible!!

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