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Introducing Jane Allen Designs

The hunt for timeless jewelry is always a tough one, I think finding pieces you can gift to others that will stand the test of time can be quite the hunt. I love anything with pearls, anything navy, clasp bangles, all my bracelets and most definitely anything gold.  I have owned the same pair of over sized pearls for a number of years and if I don't have them on once a day its a rarity. I have noticed that my gold and pearl pieces are things I gravitate to the most for more special occasions. As my daughter gets older it won't be long before I am hunting special pieces for graduation, college and even more.  Since she loves special pieces as much as I do I know she will love so I am always gathering information.  I have a few places I go to for timeless jewelry and I am thrilled to share that Jane Allen Designs was recently added to the list.

I meet the best creatives at The Southern C and Janie Dickson is one I can easily add to that list.  Janie is a darling mother of two (soon to be three in just weeks!) and as a fashion stylist found that the market had a gap when hunting for pieces that fit the bit between costume and heirloom pieces.  With a combination of vision and intense determination Jane Allen Designs was born and so many beautiful classic and stunning pieces of jewelry are now available.

Isn't Janie just the cutest?  I can promise you her kindness and talent are just as big as that smile. 💓

I had the pleasure of previewing Janie's jewelry at Summit in February and I don't know how you would even pick a favorite piece ... I love how you can stack her rings and bangles and how perfectly the bracelets marry with those you already own.  I love the details of each piece, the balls and darling edges of so many of the items.  I really wish each of you could hold and feel the pieces, they are the most amazing weight and you can instantly feel the quality and see the details.

These jewelry pieces are truly so beautiful.  How do you even describe the stunning Elizabeth Pendant necklace?

I love Janie's pieces for Mother's Day ... the earrings, the rings and oh those gorgeous bracelets!

When Janie and I spoke at Summit she was so fascinating ... she had such a wonderful story and I knew each of you would love to learn more.  She was so gracious to grant me an interview even though she is weeks away from a new baby and is working to get new pieces released in time.  I love how kind and lovely she is, and truly the definition of a hard working southern woman.  You will just adore her, I know I do.

First of all, tell me about Janie Dickson.  Where did you grow up and how did your childhood influence your life and your business today?

I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina where I literally thought I’d never leave other than for college and a little after. (Go figure, life & love takes you to places you never thought you’d go!) Charlotte was the perfect size, just big enough of a city without loosing a sense of community and living in the state of North Carolina offered so much with the mountains and beach being so nearby. Family and travel was everything growing up. I had the very fortunate situation of a curious soul, a loving, supportive family and generous grandparents. Mom and Dad both taught me in their separate ways what it meant to appreciate the details. Whether it was sitting on the porch watching a storm roll in or seeing the beauty of a well-loved garden unfold, all the little things together added up to being the big picture. We were raised to appreciate what we had, never take a moment for granted, and welcome the new without forgetting the old. Granddaddy used to say "a docked ship collects moss" so we were always exposed to what was next. I can see a reflection of this in every bit of Jane Allen. I set out to create something that resembled something classic and timeless but yet fresh and on trend. Our quality with relevance to price is unparalleled. The tiny details and thought we put into making our pieces more wearable, comfortable and versatile for our client is apparent with every touch and glance. We design and create with intention and mindfulness and we don’t stop. There is so much on the table for Jane Allen’s future.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

Hands down a grade school teacher! But man, after having 2 children and a host of good teacher friends, do I have a whole new appreciation and admiration for the patience it takes!! Thankful God created us all with different gifts!

What has your career path looked like and how did you get to the present day?

I started working for a little clothing boutique in High School where my boss literally changed my life. She is hands down one of the most talented creatives I know and thanks to her, I found more purpose and power in clothing and accessories than just being possessions.  From there, I designed window displays in college while working every summer in New York for different designers doing everything from trim detail, show fittings, pattern making to merchandising. I moved up to NYC after college knowing I wouldn’t be there for the long haul but felt like I would be missing out on an opportunity if I didn’t. Little did I know my sweet Southern gentleman of a boyfriend would propose and I’d be living back in the deep South less than year and half later. Not to be stagnate for very long though, I immediately got a job with an interior design/clothing store in my new home. Learning the market while going to market lasted 3 years before I realized with the idea of a pending family, I was meant to be my own boss. I launched No. 13 Styling in 2014 then found out I was pregnant 2 weeks later. Thanks to No. 13, I discovered the need and void in the accessories market for classic, beautiful pieces that not only fit a certain price point but had the ease of wearing and longevity for clients to enjoy longer than a season or two. 

Anything you wish you had done along the way and didn't do?

I studied abroad in college for a semester and almost wish I would have stayed over there a little longer or moved there after college just to continue my exposure but not really sure if that path would have fit into my life today. Everything can be a Monday morning quarterback if you let it.

Share two people who have inspired your life and why?

In the past: my grandmother. Talk about a feisty, determined, beautiful woman! She suffered from Polio her entire life but you would have never known it. She radiates beauty in my memories of her. Nothing stopped her—no disease, no handicap or caddy lady from doing what she wanted.

Now: I’d have to say Lela Rose. I do a little side work for her as a stylist for her new line PEARL and the woman never ceases to amaze me! She is an incredibly talented businesswoman, friend, mentor and mom. She’s ladylike, loves color, pays more attention to details than anyone I know and seems to always have a good time at whatever she does. Joy in our life is what we are called to have after all isn’t it?

Let's talk about your amazing jewelry, how did this amazing company come together?

Whew! With the help of a lot of people and a very patient husband. I became friends with an incredible jeweler here in Shreveport who is truly world class. He has an eye for quality and his laugh is contagious. I am convinced its who we surround ourselves in life that breathes air into it. I came to him after the umbthenth time I couldn’t give a client want she needed and wanted and finally he said, “Okay, well then lets create it”. He opened an unbelievable door and contact in the industry who then opened a manufacturing door that finally could produce the quality we both wanted at the price I wanted. After many trials and hiccups, we landed where we are now. I am sure there will be continuous obstacles and with importance I put on the feedback from my clients, I know Jane Allen will continue to evolve, but that’s par for the course.

Do you have a favorite piece in your collection?

The Elizabeth pendant is very near and dear to my heart because it was inspired by a piece of my Great-grandmothers. 

What does it feel like seeing your pieces loved by so many people?

Surreal. I saw someone wearing a Jane Allen ring stacked completely how I wanted it to be the other day (exactly how they wanted it to be-mixed in with their own personal pieces) and this surgence of pride ran through out my body. It wasn’t a vain pride but a pride that comes with accomplishment. I had a vision, set out to create it and made it happen and best of all, people seem to be enjoying it! 

You are juggling a new business and motherhood, what struggles do you think you have and how are you working through those?

UHH talk about a TOUGH conversation. Balance. Which if we are being honest, there is no sense of the word because what is balance? I was listening to a podcast a couple of months ago (mom brain with Daphne Oz and Hilaria Baldwin) and the guest they were featuring hit the nail on the head. There is no balance, some days you might be an A. Mom, a B. wife, and C. businesswomen and then the next day you might be in a completely different order.  There is such pressure today (and I think even more in the South) to be all things and do it perfectly. Emily Ley in her “Grace, not Perfection” book says it spot on. Essentially, you can’t draw water from an empty well and it’s our job to figure out what fills up that well and to figure it out while giving ourselves Grace. For me, creating, designing and developing Jane Allen fills me in a different way that being a mom doesn’t. Not that my children aren’t the world to me but they aren’t my entire world. I am a better mom and a better example of a human being to them when I fill myself up-however that may be. Everyday I try to wake up and be the best person I can be that day to not only my husband, family and friends but also to myself.

Can you share a favorite point in your journey so far?

Right now because I think it’s important to live in the present. I look back for memories and lessons but can’t wait to see what the future unfolds. 

What is your favorite way to unwind?

I’d say sitting on the porch in a comfortable chair with some version of a cocktail, cold beer or glass of wine and watch the world go by. What can I say? I’m southern.

Five must haves.

-hot water for a good shower
-clean sheets (and ironed if I’m being real high maintenance)
-something sweet
-sparkling water with a slice of lime
-a cute handbag with light pink lip gloss inside :)

Favorite quote.

Bloom where you are planted.
Or if you had room for a Novel, I’d say “Desiderata” in its entirety. 

I can't tell you how beautiful I think Jane Allen Designs pieces are ... they are the perfect middle ground between costume and heirloom.  You can wear them with anything from a cute shirt, white shorts and sandals to a wedding, even one that includes black tie attire.  I think they are so unique yet so timeless and I know Janie will have such success with her business.  I am thrilled to know her and to get to watch her grow something she is so passionate about. 

You can shop Jane Allen Designs online. If you need a Mother's Day gift shop today and if you spot something you would love for yourself make sure you let your family know they can treat you with a piece, or two, of Janie's jewelry. 

I hope your Monday is fabulous ... it was a busy one for us and I know so many of you enjoyed celebrating Derby, Cinco de Mayo ... or both!! 🎉

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