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Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Did Mother's Day sneak up on anyone else this year?  I swear it was just February and wasn't Easter like two weeks ago?  I don't know what is making time rush so quickly, but if it could slow down just a tiny bit that would be ideal.  Every single year I forget that May is so busy and then it arrives and I am shocked once again.  I know it is just few days until Mother's Day but I did find some cute things you could order rather last minute and with a little extra shipping for a few it will still arrive. It may come in super hot ... and you may be tying the bow the day before ... but the thought is the most important part!

I found a few things I love from Amazon, some from Shopbop and a few from my favorite retailers.  Every mother loves a cute dress, a fabulous pair of shoes (Shopbop!), great pajamas and a darling hat.  I have my eye on adding an ice cream maker (Amazon score!) to the kitchen this summer and I highly recommend both the travel bags + the cookbook (Amazon!).  This bag hasn't left my arm since the day it arrived, it is perfect for summer and will become her favorite for sure.  And this vase (Walmart!) filled with flowers ... it is just the best idea.  If you item has to be personalized ... go ahead and do it and wrap up a photo of the surprise headed her way.  She will be so happy to know something special is coming.

Whatever you chose most mothers really want your time + some words telling them how much you love and appreciate them.  Make sure you grab a card, or make one (my favorite) letting them know how special they are.  I love seeing my family's handwriting with their words.  I have a full drawer of them in my bedside table.  These little memories mean so much to me and I can keep them forever.  I loved this article and it has some great suggestions on how to write something special to your mother. If your gift won't arrive in time spending time with your mother doing something she loves along with a handwritten note will make her feel so special ... and she even has a happy coming so soon. 

None of these gifts will make your mother feel last minute and you won't either.  #wink!

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