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12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday ... anyone else kind of in shock that it is June 4?  The kids have been out of school for just a couple of weeks and it already seems to by flying by.  I am doing my best to make sure we really soak in this summer, as it will be gone in a blink if I don't.   I have been taking a moment each day to stop and celebrate the summer, make a memory and make it last.  It has been so fun already and I can't wait to see it all come together at the end of summer, which we are currently not discussing.  At all.  Every morning last week I sat on the front steps and just enjoyed the incredible gardenias blooming. The scent was fabulous and my coffee just seemed to taste even better, if that is even possible. 

We had a really good weekend.  It was completely plan free and I got a ton of things done.  I completely finished our guest room (coming next week) and spent a ton of time on the porch reading + napping and enjoying the mild weather.  It was so fabulous all weekend long.  The Hubs started a few new medicines to combat some chemo side effects and he was most definitely under the weather so the lack of plans was the best plan ever. 

I have such fun things for you today, this remains my favorite post of the week. 

My assistant has been searching for a bubble waffle place to pop up in Atlanta after her trip to Scotland in 2017. We finally found a place thanks to one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @atl_bucketlist, and it was fabulous! Sweet Spot Dessert ATL ... we will be back!

I love this list of some amazing things to do this summer to add joy into the days.  This is the best summer bucket list starter and I have been working on mine so the timing is perfect.

I have always loved a good graphic tee. I hunted some down that I adore and think would look fabulous with a good pair of denim and slides. I think the appeal comes from how they can simply add personality to the outfit without being too much. If you love a little more personality to your look like I absolutely do, I would pair a headband to complete the ensemble.

Speaking of graphic tees, look at this cute sweatshirt! Super cute for a weekend at the lake.

Have y'all ever been able to smell Glossier's perfume??? I received a sample  in a happy and it laid on my desk for months because it still smelled super good. It kind of smells like my Florida home so of course I approve.

Slim Aarons has the most beautiful, Palm Beach, happy prints. Every single one of his coffee table books are favorites of mine.

This top is so me and I would pair it with these pants ... oh or these!

My assistant loves rings and found some super fun ones here and here as well as more minimalistic ones you could stack here.

I wear a whole lot of color and pattern so when it comes to my nails I love to keep it neutral. I typically go for my favorite OPI color, Funny Bunny. I will do SNS on my nails as it is long lasting and not damaging, unlike gel. I'm wearing it in the bubble waffle picture above.

Summer means impromptu happy hour plans with friends and this is my favorite way to carry wine to a friends house. It holds two bottles so you have one to share and one for a hostess gift.  Or you can pack it with your favorite drink ... vodka + fun tonic or champagne + orange juice.  I love that you can customize it any way that suits you, this one is so me.  This wine bag is just one of my many favorite Barrington pieces.

This rosé popsicle recipe not only sounds fabulous, but looks super easy which is a plus for me! I would use my favorite Rosé and maybe make this for National Rosé Day which is next Saturday.  An excuse to drink your favorite summer drink ... you don't have to tell me twice. 🎊

For all things home ... this little Lily tray could be used on my desk or on my vanity for jewels, I love this mug, these throws look super snugly, and this throw pillow is my favorite kind of neutral. 😍

For the pups ... how darling and whimsical are these dog toys! They remind me of my favorite designer, Kate Spade. I have this one! And this one and this one are too cute!

Does anybody else absolutely adore reading Garden & Gun like us TPC girls do?? There is a fairly new area in Atlanta called the Battery where the new Braves stadium is and it is home to the Garden & Gun Club. I will be heading there ASAP and picking up a matchbook or two on my way out!

Have the best day!!

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