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12 Happies du Jour

The last week or so I have been off my game.  Part of it is because we had a scan this week and those always put me in a weird head space.  The other part is due to a number of things.  Life is so complicated at times and messy and it is hard to navigate.  Our girl is a rising high schooler (is that even a word?) and that comes with its own set of emotions for all of us.  I am working this summer more than I like and I am doing my best to be very present.  Also, some life changes have been going on and they have had me all up in my head.  They are really good changes, thank you Jesus, but trusting when you don't want to is so very hard.  I have never trusted more or been more grounded in my faith and at the same time walked through a harder season of life, and its not going anywhere any time soon.  Lots of feelings, lots of emotion, so many blessings and so much love.  We will be victorious.

One of my favorite blessings was the trip to Dallas.  I had the amazing opportunity to meet and hang out with so many followers and readers that were so precious.  There is nothing more special than to hear someone tell you they drove to see you ... or know they left work to come find you (Hi Reggie!).  The first think every one of them asked me was about my husband.  I had so many happy tears just from the love that was waiting for me.  I don't know how to explain it other then to say ... thank you Jesus.

Once again this post is not coming to you on Tuesday ... but it is still a fabulous one!  Here we go ...

I have had many questions asking where I find my finials. I have some that are monogrammed and some that are vintage. I love mixing and matching metal tones and patterns. Two of my favorites are here and here.

May we please discuss the best way to spend a day on the beach? The fun novel, the umbrella, the comfy chair, the sunnies and the chic towel to perfect your pics, the ice cold drinks, the pool float, the coverup, and the slides.

This little trio has me thinking all things Chanel with a twist ... bottoms + jacket + sunnies!

image via Pinterest

I have always loved this image. The simplicity of a good straight pair of denim paired with the luxurious, satin pair of Manolo Blahnik's is too good! To achieve this look I would use these shoe clips  that allow you to instantly turn a pair of super cute and affordable pumps (herehere, and here) into a super cute and expensive looking pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps. #yesplease

Tableware with Kate Spade is always whimsical and chic. I have linked my favorite picks from their many collections. How fun would a little girl's birthday party or a bridal shower be with this set up!

I gifted my assistant's mother Mary Kay Andrews' cook book two summers ago (remember this post?) I have tried a couple of the recipes in the book but her mother has been cooking up a storm with all of MKA's recipes. Think fish tacos, the yummiest bean dip, coleslaw, tomato and pimento cheese pie, and a berry cobbler which she's making at the beach for Anna Grace's birthday. It's on sale here and I highly recommend you snag your's. It's fresh and delicious and perfect for summer months!

I love the idea of pairing these denim shorts with this oversized button up and these amazing sandals! Oh and these earrings too!

Did y'all know that Nordstrom has 'How To' styling videos on YouTube?? Y'all they are so fun and they inspired a several looks for me from simply watching two or three. Anna Grace loved 'How to do Casual Opulence for Daytime' and 'How to Wear a Trench Coat'. They also have videos of runway walks with a whole bunch of amazing designers from past seasons ... how fun is that!

This book looks like a good read for some vintage, getaway fashion inspo!

All things fragrances AKA the chic way to amp up your vanity shelfie ;) My favorite is here.

Have y'all shopped the Summer Style Collection with Paige Minear over at Hazen & Co?? If not get over there super fast because they are selling quick! They are super easy to style ... I go for the larger earring, Kate, and pair it with any August Morgan dress I own or with a chambray button up and a pair of shorts and slides. Anna Grace goes for the smaller earring, Hollis, and will pair them with an easy white tee, wide leg denim, and slides or with a turtleneck sweater and denim shorts and Tretorns. How cute! Y'all they are so versatile and they can immediately chic up your casual look. Did I mention each set comes with an EWD Twilly scarf? I tie mine in my hair, on my purses, around my wrist, the list goes on and on. 

Have the best  weekend and send me pictures of how you're styling your new Hazen happies! We wanna know! 

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